Baby Elephant Steps

Baby Elephant Steps by Anne McKinnell

Elephants are such amazing creatures, aren't they? Watching the elephants was my favourite thing to do during my photo safari in Tanzania. I think if I went back I would spend all my time in one place and get to know an elephant family. The mothers are so protective of their babies! I guess all mothers are like that, but the elephant mothers are always touching the babies … [Read more...]

Seagulls and Salmon in Campbell River, BC

Seagulls and Salmon by Anne McKinnell

Some birds just get all the attention. Everyone loves the spoonbill with all their character, the colourful flamingos, the regal eagles, the elegant egrets and herons. Even the odd and somewhat ugly woodstork gets respect. But what about the lowly seagull? Are they so common as to be uninteresting? Not to me. Especially when it's time for a salmon feast! In Campbell … [Read more...]

Waiting for the Moment in the Desert near Ajo Arizona

Ajo Arizona Sunset #1 by Anne McKinnell

While driving south along Highway 85 towards Ajo, Arizona, I noticed some really cool rock formations in the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range. Unfortunately, because it's an air force range and they do air-to-ground bombing practice, you're not allowed in. In fact, when we drove by there were A10 Warthogs shooting 30mm canons at targets. It was quite an impressive sight to … [Read more...]

Zebras at the Watering Hole

Zebras at the Watering Hole by Anne McKinnell

I am in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, when a call comes from across the radio waves. A bunch of swahili is exchanged and the driver turns to me and says “there are zebras at the watering hole”. “How far?” “15 minutes.” “Let’s go!!” Arriving on the scene, there were hundreds of zebras! Around 30 or so at the watering hole and hundreds more milling about in the … [Read more...]

Lilac Breasted Roller and Dragonfly

Lilac Breasted Roller by Anne McKinnell

Sitting on prominent perches, flitting across the road flashing it’s colours, and even tumbling across the sky, the Lilac Breasted Roller likes to be noticed. It really doesn’t need to try so hard with it’s stunning bright colours of turquoise, blue, pink, yellow, tan and green. While bumping down the road in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, I noticed a roller perched at … [Read more...]

Wildlife Photography in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania – Part 1

Two Lions Walking Away by Anne McKinnell

Each place I visited in Africa had it’s unique qualities. Tarangire was woodsy with massive herds of elephants that liked to bathe in the swamps. Ngorongoro Crater had the high crater walls that created a dramatic dark background with layers of light that changed throughout the day. But my favourite destination was the third place we visited, the central part of Serengeti … [Read more...]

Wandering into a Bighorn Ram

Big Horned Sheep by Anne McKinnell

I like to wander. In fact, I think wandering is one of my favourite things to do! Sometimes I am keeping my eye out for something specific - and other times I try to keep an open mind and see what nature has in store for me. Recently I was wandering in the desert near Quartzsite, Arizona, generally looking for a nice landscape composition to practice with my new 10-18mm wide … [Read more...]

A Predictable Magic

Salton Sea Sunset by Anne McKinnell

Just another desert sunset I spend my days exploring With my eye on the horizon The spot the where the sun will later set Will a blanket of clouds extinguish the light? Will truant clouds create a pastel veil? Or will the clouds disperse for the sun’s rays to infiltrate? I spend my days exploring Willing the clouds to appear and then break The sun sinks below the … [Read more...]