Get More Than Black and White with Topaz B&W Effects

Bandon Beach Seascape by Anne McKinnell

One of my favourite plugins, Topaz B&W Effects, is on sale this month, so I thought you might like to see some examples of photos I have made with it. Not only does it do regular black and white conversions, like this classic example, but it does lots of other nifty things too - things using colour, which you wouldn't expect from a plugin called Black and White … [Read more...]

Topaz Clarity Loves Me Back!


My friends over at Topaz Labs have chosen one of my images to show off my favourite plugin: Topaz Clarity! Now on the Topaz Labs home page you can see before and after versions of my image Southwest Blue. I absolutely love the subtle and natural look you get by using Topaz Clarity to adjust colours and contrast in an image, so I was delighted when they asked to use … [Read more...]

Sony NEX 6 Digital Camera Review

Sony NEX 6 digital camera review

If you're still asking yourself whether or not you should go mirrorless, check out last week's post to find out why this trend is here to stay and if it's the right answer for you. The fact is that today you can wield as much creative control with a mirrorless camera as you can with a DSLR, in a smaller package and at a smaller price. So the question becomes which one? … [Read more...]

Mirrorless Cameras – The Answer to our Woes?

DSC06223 by Vernon Chan on Flickr

If you've been following technology advances in camera equipment, I'm sure you've been hearing a lot of buzz about the new mirrorless cameras. But are they really the answer? The first mirrorless digital camera was introduced in 2004, but they've really only come into their own in the last couple of years. With the recent success of the Sony NEX, Olympus PEN and … [Read more...]

Learn How 20 Inspirational Photos Were Made in the Latest Issue of Fotozaar

Fotozaar Cover Volume 2

You may remember a couple of months ago I was featured in the first issue of a new photography magazine called Fotozaar. Well ... I'm so excited that the second issue of Fotozaar is now out and it features two of my images! One of the best ways to learn photography is by studying great photos, and that's what Fotozaar is all about. Each issue of this gorgeous … [Read more...]

Topaz Restyle Photoshop Plugin Review

Metal Warehouse by Anne McKinnell

I'm a big fan of Topaz Labs and one of my favourite plugins in their collection is Topaz Restyle. This plugin has over 1,000 presets that allow you to easily add different colour effects to your images. When I first tried the plugin, my first impression was that it is a bit overwhelming to browse through 1,000 presets to find one that is perfect for your image. It takes a … [Read more...]

Learn Photography by Example with Fotozaar

Fotozaar eBook Cover.

One of the best ways to learn about photography is to spend lots of time looking at images, finding the ones that really speak to you, and trying to figure out how they were made. But sometimes that "trying to figure out" part can be really difficult! Not to mention the time it takes to wade through all the mediocre photographs on the internet. Today I'm really happy … [Read more...]