Sony NEX 6 Digital Camera Review

Sony NEX 6 digital camera review

If you’re still asking yourself whether or not you should go mirrorless, check out last week’s post to find out why this trend is here to stay and if it’s the right answer for you. The fact is that today you can wield as much creative control with a mirrorless camera as you can with […]

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Mirrorless Cameras – The Answer to our Woes?

DSC06223 by Vernon Chan on Flickr

If you’ve been following technology advances in camera equipment, I’m sure you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the new mirrorless cameras. But are they really the answer? The first mirrorless digital camera was introduced in 2004, but they’ve really only come into their own in the last couple of years. With the recent […]

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Learn How 20 Inspirational Photos Were Made in the Latest Issue of Fotozaar

Fotozaar Cover Volume 2

You may remember a couple of months ago I was featured in the first issue of a new photography magazine called Fotozaar. Well … I’m so excited that the second issue of Fotozaar is now out and it features two of my images! One of the best ways to learn photography is by studying great […]

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Topaz Restyle Photoshop Plugin Review

Metal Warehouse by Anne McKinnell

My friends over at Topaz Labs recently released their latest plugin called Topaz Restyle. This plugin has over 1,000 presets that allow you to easily add different effects to your images so I was very excited to give it a try. My first impression was that it is a bit overwhelming to browse through 1,000 […]

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Special Deal on “Topaz Bundle” Photoshop Plugins from Topaz Labs

New Orleans, Louisiana

My friends at Topaz Labs have a super sweet deal that I want to pass along to you! They are offering $100 off their bundle of Photoshop plugins from now until July 7th. These are my favourite plugins to use and I processed each of the photos below with one or more of the Topaz […]

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Learn Photography by Example with Fotozaar

Fotozaar eBook Cover.

One of the best ways to learn about photography is to spend lots of time looking at images, finding the ones that really speak to you, and trying to figure out how they were made. But sometimes that “trying to figure out” part can be really difficult! Not to mention the time it takes to […]

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Topaz Clarity Adds the Right Amount of Punch


When your images come out of your camera in RAW format, they tend to be a bit dull and grey. That’s because they haven’t been processed yet. The image is waiting for you, the artist, to define how much colour and contrast you want among many other things. One of the adjustments you can make […]

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Do You Want to Become an Outdoor Adventure Photographer?


I know I do! I don’t usually include a lot of action shots in my photography, which is something I have been wanting to change, and I just finished reading an eBook that has given me the knowledge I need to get started. Of course I love doing my landscapes but I think adding a […]

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PHOTOGRAPH: a digital magazine


Today I want to introduce you to a new digital magazine I have been reading. It’s a big publication, over 120 pages in each issue, with huge inspirational photographs, tips and tutorials that I know you are going to love. But before I get to the magazine there’s something I want to say … Now […]

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Top 5 Best Photography eBooks of 2012

5 Favourite Photography eBooks of 2012

I love eBooks! Especially photography eBooks. They are inexpensive, packed full of useful information, take up no space on my shelf and are an endless source of inspiration. Every year the quality of the books seems to get better and better. Either that or I’m finding better sources! Either way, there were some great reads […]

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Lightroom 4 Unmasked eBook Review

Lightroom 4 Unmasked eBook

[Spoiler alert: I'm about to tell you that the best image editing software package to use is Lightroom. If you're already sold on Lightroom, you might want to skip on down to the section where I reveal the best eBook for learning to use Lightroom. ] One of the most common questions people ask when […]

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“Slow” – new eBook by Craft and Vision


Long exposure photography is one of my favourite ways to spark some creativity and make unique abstract images. Today, Craft and Vision has come out with a new eBook on the subject called “Slow.” I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Andrew Gibson delves into the magical world of long exposures as our […]

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Top 10 Best Photography Podcasts

woman train music

Full time RV travel involves a lot of time driving and I like to make the best use of that time by listening to or watching digital photography podcasts. One reader asked which podcasts I subscribe to so I thought it would make a good subject to share with everyone who is interested in learning […]

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Do you avoid people in your travel photography?

Fort De Soto, Florida

I do. I am one of those photographers who are always waiting for the people to get out of the way. I will set up with a beautiful scene in front of me, find the right angle, and wait for the perfect light when some dude with a white shirt walks in front of me. […]

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Discount Codes for Craft and Vision


I have some awesome 50% off discount codes for the Craft and Vision store to share with you today. If you are not familiar with Craft and Vision, they produce excellent, informative, and beautiful ebooks on photography. I have many of them in my collection and I’m so excited that today I can share these […]

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Book Review: Beyond Thirds


I just finished reading Andrew Gibson’s new eBook on composition: “Beyond Thirds”. Usually the first thing new photographers learn about composition is the “rule of thirds” and it helps the beginning photographer make more dynamic images. But then what? How do we move on from there? Gibson explains three important guidelines that helps us continue […]

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The Inspired Eye 3 – ebook review

After reading David DuChemin’s “Vision Driven Photographer” and “Vision Mongers”, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on his latest ebook “The Inspired Eye 3 – Notes on Creativity for Photographers”. The timing couldn’t be better since I have been thinking lately that I need to find a way to increase my creativity. I haven’t […]

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Vision Mongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography

For today’s post I am doing my first book review. I can think of no book more worthy than David duChemin’s “Vision Mongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography”. Unlike a novel where you can judge how much you enjoyed a book based on how quickly you read it, I judge the value […]

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7 Stocking Stuffers for Photographers


7 is my favourite number this year, so if you are looking for some small items or stocking stuffers for your photographer friends, I have 7 great ideas for you! Don’t fret if your loved one already has a camera. One of the wonderful things about photography is there is an endless number of add-ons […]

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Planning for Yosemite – Awesome Resources Part 3

In the final instalment of awesome resources I discovered while researching for my upcoming trip to Yosemite, find William Neill’s Yosemite e-book. During my research I have seen a great many photographs of Yosemite. Almost too many now, I really have to stop looking. But Neill’s photographs stood out as being a different type altogether. […]

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Planning for Yosemite – Awesome Resources Part 2

Sometimes it takes researching one small subject to really discover how huge the interwebs really are. Just Yosemite. Not all national parks or all of California or all landscape photography. Just Yosemite. It’s massive, the subject, the amount that has been written, and the number of photographs. There are a few resources though that have […]

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Planning for Yosemite – Awesome Resources Part 1

I am planning a photography trip to Yosemite and one of the first and most valuable resources I have come across is Lewis Kemper’s Photographing Yosemite Digital Field Guide. The guide is available as a book and an iPhone app. I bought the iPhone app. The guide includes a map that utilizes google earth to […]

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First Results with my new Canon 7D

Moonrise over Trial Island

In anticipation of an upcoming trip to Yosemite, I decided to upgrade my gear and bought a Canon 7D and a 24-105 f/4 L lens. Here are my first shots with my new setup. I am also getting a Gitzo traveller tripod with a Really Right Stuff ballhead, but I’m picking those up in the […]

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Topaz Adjust 4

Condo in HDR

Topaz has recently released its newest version of the Adjust photoshop plug-in with some really cool new settings. These photos were taken along the Songhees walkway in Esquimalt, BC. While most people around here think those condos are ugly and destroyed the look of the waterfront, taken at the right angle and adding effects make […]

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