Pacific White-Sided Dolphin Encounter in Discovery Passage

Pacific White Sided Dolphin by Anne McKinnell

It was one of the best boating days I’ve ever had. My first time going through Seymour Narrows, up Johnstone Strait, to Kelsey Bay on an absolutely glorious day. Please click the images to view larger versions. On the way home though Discovery Passage I spotted some porpoises a little ways off on the starboard […]

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How Cute is a Baby Burro?

Baby Burro by Anne McKinnell

Baby animals are always pretty cute, but I’m not sure there are any as cute as a baby burro! At our campsite in Why, Arizona, I could often hear the burros eeyore-ing off in the distance. So one evening, as the light started to get soft and golden, I decided to take a walk on […]

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Bald Eagle Dance

Two bald eagles by Anne McKinnell

At our campsite in Campbell River, British Columbia, the bald eagles are constantly watching from above, flying by, and diving down for a fish. One bald eagle sits on the top of a dead tree for hours every day. A few days ago, he was joined by a friend… I made this photo while practicing […]

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Hummingbird Landing

Hummingbird Landing by Anne McKinnell

Why have I never had a hummingbird feeder before? I have no idea. Now that I see the photo opportunities I should have had one a long time ago! Please click the image to view a larger version. My husband bought me this feeder as a little present. He always gets me things that are […]

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Campground Wildlife in Campbell River, BC

Great Blue Heron

Our new home for the rest of the summer is in Campbell River, British Columbia, where we found a beautiful campsite with abundant wildlife, only 5 minutes walk from the marina! Campbell River, a mid-point on Vancouver Island, is the place we planned on moving to before we decided we love the RV lifestyle and […]

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Chuckwalla in the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, by Anne McKinnell

While I was roaming around the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, trying to get a new perspective on Fire Wave, I ran across this rather large lizard! I had no idea what it was when I photographed her, but she’s a Chuckwalla! I’ve never heard of a Chuckwalla before. It turns out they […]

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Salton Sea Seagulls

Salton Sea Seagulls by Anne McKinnell

Ok, this is the last of the photos from the Salton Sea, at least for now. We were only there for two days and I got so many photos! But it’s time to move on before I get too far behind in my photo processing, so I’m going to save the rest of them to […]

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Salton Sea Egret at Twilight

Salton Sea Egret at twilight by Anne McKinnell

Internet Break! I’m going to be heading into a National Park for a few days and I wont have internet access. It’s Organ Pipe National Monument actually. One of the things that is best about the national parks and national monuments is that the lack of cell towers forces you to step away from daily […]

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Bird in Flight Abstract

Bird in Flight Abstract by Anne McKinnell

I’m getting so far behind on processing my images! That’s why I decided to try to post one image per day so I would keep up on my procssing. But I’m still a month behind. I do love processing, but when we’re travelling and I’m seeing so many new things I feel like I could […]

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Flying in a Fiery Sky

Seagull In Flight at Sunset by Anne McKinnell

I made this photo on the same night as the Great Egret image. It was an incredible fiery sunset at Corvina Beach on the the Salton Sea, California. This image required virtually no processing! The sky really did look like this. ISO 1250, 270mm, f/5.6, 1/3200 sec. Please click the image to view a larger […]

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Great White Egret in Flight at Sunset

Great White Egret flying at sunset at the Salton Sea, California, by Anne McKinnell

The Salton Sea in California is a fascinating place for it’s history and it’s unique shore, but the thing I like most about it is seeing all the birds. It’s not Florida, but on the west coast it’s one of the best places I have found to photograph birds. In the morning they all seemed […]

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Top 10 Animal Photos of 2013

Orca and Mount Baker by Anne McKinnell

Recently I shared my Top 10 Landscape Photos of 2013. But that only represents half of who I am as a photographer. I also love photographing animals, particularly wildlife, so now I have for you my top 10 animal photos of 2013. Since two of my top 10 photos were taken in a zoo, I […]

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Bald Eagle and Sony NEX6

Bald Eagle in Nanaimo, BC by Anne McKinnell

A couple of months ago I bought myself a Sony NEX6. Woot! I’ve had my eye on this camera for awhile because it has the same sensor as my Canon 7D, but in a much more compact and lightweight kit. With all the hiking we do, carrying all my gear can be a real drag. […]

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Osprey, Everglades National Park

Osprey in Everglades National Park, Florida, by Anne McKinnell

Every once in awhile I like to go through my archives to see what I missed. Sometimes it’s just that I get too many of a particular type of photo at once, and so they don’t all end up getting processed at the time. Like when I was in Florida, almost two years ago now, […]

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What kind of Heron is this?

Heron by Anne McKinnell

I was out on my boat near Nanaimo, BC, a few weeks ago when I spotted this heron in the trees above me. Herons are a daily sight in this part of the world. You will often see a Great Blue Heron flying overhead, or standing in the water, motionless, until a fish comes near, […]

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Whale Watching on Vancouver Island

Orca Spy Hop by Anne McKinnell

It’s been an excellent season of whale watching here on Vancouver Island this past summer! First I got my dream photo of an Orca with Mount Baker in the background. Then I had my Humpback Whale encounter. But I also saw the Orcas many other times during my boating trips so I wanted to share […]

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Humpback Whale in Boundary Pass

Humpback Whale

Have you ever made images you treasured so much that you didn’t want to publish them? I’ve been hanging on to these images for almost a month now, so I think it’s time to finally let them go. It all happened when I was out on my boat one lovely calm afternoon. It was a […]

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Butterfly and Lilac by Anne McKinnell

The bees that came to visit the lilac beside my window stopped coming. They have been replaced by butterflies and it got me thinking about how things change. When it happens to butterflies it seems conspicuous and abrupt. It can seem so too when it happens to other people. But when it happens to ourselves […]

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Juvenile Bald Eagles

Juvenile Bald Eagle by Anne McKinnell

My favourite thing about our summer home at Oceanside RV Park in Sidney, BC, (aside from it being 10 minutes away from where my boat is moored) is that every morning I wake to the sound of the eagles calling. A few days ago the young eagles were cackling up a storm so I went […]

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The Lilac is Alive with Bumble Bees

Bumble bee on california lilac by Anne McKinnell.

In my RV park in Sidney, BC, right outside the window where I sit doing my writing is a large California Lilac. It’s in full bloom right now and the bumble bees are loving it. At certain times of the day the whole bush is alive with the buzzing of happy bees gathering their pollen. […]

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Orca and Mount Baker

Orca and Mount Baker by Anne McKinnell

The thing I like best about Vancouver Island in the summertime is being out on my boat. I have a few spots I return to again and again because I have seen whales, dall’s porpoises, pacific white sided dolphins, sea lions, or eagles. One of my favourite spots is Boundary Pass where the border separates […]

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Elephant Valley at the San Diego Safari Park

Three Elephants at the San Diego Safari Park

At the San Diego Safari Park, the elephants live in an area known as Elephant Valley. They have a huge expanse of land to roam around in including shade structures, a pool, and a few mud holes that the young ones like to play in. I noticed a few toys in the yard and the […]

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The Baby Elephant Is Thirsty

Baby Elephant at the San Diego Safari Park

Remember how I told you how happy the elephants were at the San Diego Safari Park? And how the crowd actually cheered? Well here’s what happened. Please click on any of the images to view larger versions. The End. I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll have more images of elephants and other animals from […]

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African Lions at the San Diego Safari Park

Male African Lion at the San Dieo Safari Park

After visiting the San Diego Zoo I decided to pay a visit to the Safari Park where I heard the animals are in a more natural environment. The two were very different experiences. I did enjoy the zoo, they have a wider variety of animal species, but I enjoyed the safari park more because the […]

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