A Boat for Dad – New Brunswick

Fishing Boat, New Brunswick

Here is the last in my series of fishing boats from the maritime provinces in Canada. Today's instalment is from New Brunswick where, at the Bay of Fundy, the huge tides cause the boats to rest on the bottom for a good part of every day. It was interesting to talk to the fishermen to find out how they go about preventing their boats from tipping over at low tide. You can see … [Read more...]

A Boat for Dad – Nova Scotia

Fishing boat in Nova Scotia, Canada

Part 3 in my series of maritime fishing vessels comes from Nova Scotia. We're back to some more sea worthy looking boats and I think this first one is a real "goodie" for my Dad. Enjoy! As always, you can click the images to view larger versions. Tomorrow will be the final post in the series, and it will be the best one in my opinion, so please come back … [Read more...]

A Boat for Dad – Newfoundland

Commercial fishing boat in Newfoundland

Today's post is the second in the series "A Boat for Dad" where I am showing my Dad his options for a boat from the maritimes. This instalment comes from Newfoundland. What I found amazing about Newfoundland is that they actually go out in these little boats! In the province that gets the most weather. Where it took 10 hours to make the crossing on the ferry from New … [Read more...]

A Boat for Dad – PEI

Last Man Standing

Today is the first in a series of posts I call "A Boat for Dad". My Dad was a commercial fisherman on the pacific coast for over 65 years. He had many boats in his career including trollers, seiners, and crab boats. Since I have been travelling on the east coast, Dad keeps asking me to find him a boat. Of course, it has to be a free boat which I can tow home for him :) For … [Read more...]