Crescent City California

Battle Point Lighthouse #2

Coming home from a big camping trip to Yosemite at the end of September, we happened upon a town that was a pleasant surprise as it was not part of our travel plans. Rather than driving up the I-5 to return to Canada, we decided to go back to the Oregon Coast and revisit some […]

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Mono Lake, California

Mono Lake Sunrise

Mono Lake, California, made me feel like I was visiting a lake on the moon! The bright blue topaz coloured lake is 2.5 times as salty as the ocean and is very alkaline. This is a result of salts and minerals washing into the lake from the Sierra Nevada streams, evaporating fresh water, and the […]

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Yosemite National Park

Sunset at Gates of the Valley, Yosemite.

Only a photog could complain about beautiful blue sky sunny warm days in Yosemite! The best shots I have seen have been when a storm is clearing, but there were no storms on our trip. The weather was fantastic. Sunrise in Cook’s Meadow During the heat and brightness of the day, I found myself looking […]

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Antelope Canyons, Arizona

The Cat's Eye

This past spring I decided I needed a change of scenery.  To challenge myself photographically I looked for a place that was as different to home as possible.  I travelled to a small town named Page in northern Arizona, population 9,000.  It was home base for my photographic journey, which included Lake Powell, the Colorado […]

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