Mother and Baby Giraffe in Tanzania

Mother and baby giraffe by Anne McKinnell

Baby animals are just so darn cute! I especially like how gangly and uncoordinated the baby giraffes are. It must be hard to balance on those long legs the first time you try to stand. I came across this mother and baby giraffe in the Mara River area of Tanzania. I really like how the baby fits in the frame of its mother's legs. And he looks so mellow now that he doesn't … [Read more...]

Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly National Monument Arizona

Spider Rock by Anne McKinnell

So we went to Canyon de Chelly National Monument and broke ALL of our furniture! Seriously. All of the furniture. The road didn't even seem that bad, it was just like being out on the ocean with large swells. Swells are way better than chop. But I guess the furniture didn't think so since it's pretty used to chop on all the washboard roads we frequent. When I opened … [Read more...]

Sunset and Prickly Pears Over the Rio Grande

Rio Grande Sunset by Anne McKinnell

From the Rio Grande Village Campground at Big Bend National Park, Texas, you can take a short hike up to the Rio Grande Overlook and find this stunning view! I like hiking, but it's nice to find a sunset spot where you don't have to hike down too far in the dark - or worse leave your spot too soon because you don't want to get jabbed by nasty cacti like these prickly … [Read more...]

Crested Cranes in Flight at Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania

Crested Cranes in Flight

Driving through Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, the sheer density of the animals is truly incredible. There are so many large animals that some of the smaller animals take a back seat at first until you start becoming acclimated to the place. Then, it's the combination of animals that becomes awe inspiring. When I saw these crested crane's it was a total surprise! On the … [Read more...]

Drive By Maasai Boy

Maasai Boy by Anne McKinnell

I could feel eyes rolling in the safari vehicle “She’s drive-by shooting!” they said "Not a real photographer ... Look at her tiny camera," they murmured behind me I say, just look: A Maasai boy beside the road with sticks for herding cattle, near Arusha, Tanzania. … [Read more...]

Lessons from the Fog

Tree in the Fog by Anne McKinnell

The day before I made this photo, I walked past this tree six times and didn't really notice it. It was just a boring tree in a field. It wasn't until the fog came and obscured the landscape that the tree showed me it's beauty. Unable to distinguish anything else, the simple outline of the tree branches came into view - mystical, ghostly, and ethereal. Sometimes in … [Read more...]

City of Rocks State Park New Mexico

City of Rocks by Anne McKinnell

One of my favourite new finds from last winter's snow bird trip is the City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico where I found a hedge of large sculpted boulders. Most of the RV's park just outside the rocks, but we managed to squeeze our RV into a site that backed right on to the rocks. What a great spot! I made this panorama photo from another set of rocks across from the … [Read more...]