British Columbia

Pacific White-Sided Dolphin Encounter in Discovery Passage

Pacific White Sided Dolphin by Anne McKinnell

It was one of the best boating days I’ve ever had. My first time going through Seymour Narrows, up Johnstone Strait, to Kelsey Bay on an absolutely glorious day. Please click the images to view larger versions. On the way home though Discovery Passage I spotted some porpoises a little ways off on the starboard […]

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Bald Eagle Dance

Two bald eagles by Anne McKinnell

At our campsite in Campbell River, British Columbia, the bald eagles are constantly watching from above, flying by, and diving down for a fish. One bald eagle sits on the top of a dead tree for hours every day. A few days ago, he was joined by a friend… I made this photo while practicing […]

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Hummingbird Landing

Hummingbird Landing by Anne McKinnell

Why have I never had a hummingbird feeder before? I have no idea. Now that I see the photo opportunities I should have had one a long time ago! Please click the image to view a larger version. My husband bought me this feeder as a little present. He always gets me things that are […]

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Sunset at the Estuary in Campbell River, BC

Sunset at the Estuary in Campbell River BC by Anne McKinnell

A few evenings ago we were treated to the most beautiful sunset at our campsite at Thunderbird RV park in Campbell River, BC. This is our view from the back window of the RV! I’m so glad we picked an RV with a big picture window in the back. The estuary fills up with water […]

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Campground Wildlife in Campbell River, BC

Great Blue Heron

Our new home for the rest of the summer is in Campbell River, British Columbia, where we found a beautiful campsite with abundant wildlife, only 5 minutes walk from the marina! Campbell River, a mid-point on Vancouver Island, is the place we planned on moving to before we decided we love the RV lifestyle and […]

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Wallace Island Marine Park, British Columbia

Wallace Island Marine Park

The best part about summer on the coast of British Columbia is being out on the water on those warm, calm days. My little power boat, “Snoopy”, takes me to all sorts of out of the way places where I can explore the bays, coves, and watch the wildlife. Between Vancouver Island and the mainland, […]

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Englishman River Falls, Vancouver Island, BC

Englishman River Falls, Vancouver Island, British Columbia by Anne McKinnell

I grew up on Vancouver Island. It is a gorgeous part of the world, especially in summer time. There are lots of special places on the island, but there are certain places I return to again and again for their beauty and tranquility. Places I enjoy every single time. One of those places is Englishman […]

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Photography Locations: Revisit and Reshoot


As a devoted wanderer, the joy of visiting a new photography location is like food for my soul. Fresh sights, sounds, smells, and experiences await with every unknown place I go, and the whirlwind of excitement is all-encompassing as I make images of all the things I’m seeing for the first time. Because I know […]

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Whale Watching on Vancouver Island

Orca Spy Hop by Anne McKinnell

It’s been an excellent season of whale watching here on Vancouver Island this past summer! First I got my dream photo of an Orca with Mount Baker in the background. Then I had my Humpback Whale encounter. But I also saw the Orcas many other times during my boating trips so I wanted to share […]

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Sunset on Mount Baker

Sunset on Mount Baker

Usually a fog, haze or even smog obscures the view of Mount Baker, Washington, from way over here in Sidney, British Columbia. But on a clear day, it looks massive. I made this image about an hour and a half after my orca shot. I love how the sunset makes the snow look slightly pink. […]

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Cool, Clear Water

Calm Ocean Moonrise

I love the ocean. I love walking on the beach on a stormy day and feeling it’s fury. I love being in my boat, riding the waves, and when the bow comes down a big splash hits me in the face and I can taste the salt on my lips. I love jumping over the […]

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What’s Special About a Black Eyed Susan?

Black Eyed Susan by Anne McKinnell

I have always been attracted to Black Eyed Susans, even though they are quite common, because they are such bright colourful flowers that pop out of every landscape. Usually when I photograph flowers I use a telephoto lens and a very shallow depth of field to put all the attention on a single flower, or […]

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Humpback Whale in Boundary Pass

Humpback Whale

Have you ever made images you treasured so much that you didn’t want to publish them? I’ve been hanging on to these images for almost a month now, so I think it’s time to finally let them go. It all happened when I was out on my boat one lovely calm afternoon. It was a […]

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Seeking My Ancestors on Gabriola Island

Malaspina Galleries, Gabriola Island, British Columbia by Anne McKinnell

My Dad and I recently visited Gabriola Island, British Columbia, where my great-grandparents had a homestead 100 years ago. Our family hasn’t moved very far since then. We all grew up in Nanaimo, just a hop, skip and a 10 minute ferry ride from Gabriola Island. While some of the waterfront areas on Gabriola have […]

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Vancouver Cityscapes

Cambie Street Bridge, Vancouver, British Columbia by Anne McKinnell

Being the third largest city in Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia has some great photo ops for cityscapes. I don’t visit cities very often, so I really enjoyed making a number of cityscape images within walking distance of my sister’s place. In a previous post, I shared an image I made on False Creek on a […]

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Butterfly and Lilac by Anne McKinnell

The bees that came to visit the lilac beside my window stopped coming. They have been replaced by butterflies and it got me thinking about how things change. When it happens to butterflies it seems conspicuous and abrupt. It can seem so too when it happens to other people. But when it happens to ourselves […]

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Kite Festival in Vanier Park, Vancouver

Kite Festival, Vanier Park, Vancouver, BC, by Anne McKinnell

On the coast of BC in spring and early summer there tends to be about five dreary, cloudy days followed by one truly glorious sunny day that is so nice it makes you forget there ever was a cloudy day. I was happy when I was treated to one of those glorious days while visiting […]

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An Overcast Day in Vancouver BC

False Creek, Vancouver, by Anne McKinnell

I visited Vancouver, BC, a couple of weeks ago. It’s only a 90 minute ferry ride and a 30 minute drive from where I’m staying on Vancouver Island. For most of my life, I haven’t had much reason to go over there except the occasional work meeting or perhaps a concert. But now my sister […]

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Juvenile Bald Eagles

Juvenile Bald Eagle by Anne McKinnell

My favourite thing about our summer home at Oceanside RV Park in Sidney, BC, (aside from it being 10 minutes away from where my boat is moored) is that every morning I wake to the sound of the eagles calling. A few days ago the young eagles were cackling up a storm so I went […]

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Orca and Mount Baker

Orca and Mount Baker by Anne McKinnell

The thing I like best about Vancouver Island in the summertime is being out on my boat. I have a few spots I return to again and again because I have seen whales, dall’s porpoises, pacific white sided dolphins, sea lions, or eagles. One of my favourite spots is Boundary Pass where the border separates […]

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Coffee Coloured Sunset

Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island, British Columbia

This is my final image from Rebecca Spit on Quadra Island, BC. Really. Well … for this year’s trip anyway. Please click the image to view a larger version. This is a high dynamic range image made by combining 3 exposures in Photomatix. Then I brought the resulting HDR image into Nik Silver Efex Pro […]

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Driftwood Art

Driftwood Carving, Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island, BC

The massive accumulation of driftwood at Rebecca Spit on Quadra Island, BC, is fascinating. But even better is all the driftwood art made by campers at the nearby campground. The beachfront campsites all have their own unique art. In one campsite a long time seasonal resident made this gorgeous carving. Please click the images to […]

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Rebecca Spit Driftwood

Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island, British Columbia

Rebecca Spit has to be one of the most interesting beaches I have been to and its right here in my backyard! Well … almost my backyard. It’s about a 2 hour drive and a short ferry trip from my backyard which may be why I’ve only been here once before in my life. In […]

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More from Rebecca Spit

Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island, British Columbia

Today’s image is from the same location as my earlier posts this week: Rebecca Spit on Quadra Island, British Columbia. Please click the image to view a larger version. The colours were wild for this sunrise. I actually desaturated the colours in this image a bit. In post processing I softened the sky and brought […]

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