Tree Aflame

Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia

I got up in darkness, quickly dressed and gathered my equipment. I'm glad people who stay in RV parks are used to the sound of big trucks starting early in the morning for no one ever comments on my early departures. I drove to the beach and then walked as quickly as I could to the location I scouted out the day before when the sun was high in the sky, its harsh rays washing … [Read more...]

Sailors Take Warning

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Red Sky in the Morning... I made this image at sunrise on Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island. Please click the image to view a larger version. Well, as you can tell from the last 8 or so posts, I really enjoyed my time in Georgia. I just know I will go back someday. This will be my last blog post this week since I am now going to a campsite inside Everglades … [Read more...]

Georgia Beach Crabs

Blue Crab on Jekyll Island, Georgia

In addition to all the pieces of driftwood found on the beaches of Jekyll Island in Georgia, there were also some interesting crabs washed ashore. At least they are interesting to me since we don't have these particular species of crab on the west coast. The first is an Atlantic Blue Crab which is native to the western edge of the Atlantic Ocean from Nova Scotia to Argentina … [Read more...]

Beach Resorts on St. Simons Island Georgia

St. Simons Island, Georgia

St. Simons Island is one of the Golden Isles of Georgia, along with Jekyll Island which I talked about in last week's posts. St. Simons has quite a different atmosphere and has some beautiful luxury accommodations, both resorts and private homes on the beach. This is the King and Prince Hotel which was founded in 1935 as a seaside dance club and later became a luxury beach … [Read more...]

You Guessed It – More Driftwood

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Unless today is your first visit here, you probably know where this is, dontcha? I made this image on Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia. It was twilight after sunset and though the sky still had quite a bit of colour the foreground was fairly dark. I made three exposures: one to expose for the sky, one for the mid-tones and one for the dark foreground, and then I … [Read more...]

More Driftwood from Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island is one of the "Golden Isles of Georgia" which is a group of four barrier islands that run along Georgia's coast. Some of the islands have elite resorts and fabulous mansions owned by the wealthy. Of the four islands, Jekyll is the least expensive to live on. The land on the island is owned by the State of Georgia but residents have long-term leases. Today I … [Read more...]

War and Peace on Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island in Georgia has an interesting history which begins, of course, with native americans who originally inhabited the island. They fished and farmed crops such as pumpkins, tobacco, sunflower and maize. Explorers from Spain officially claimed the island in 1510 and about 50 years later it was claimed for France (even though Spain already claimed it). The French … [Read more...]

Sticks in the Sand

Jekyll Island, Georgia

"Sticks in the Sand" is what my husband kept calling it - making fun of my Driftwood Beach destination I was so looking forward to in Georgia. By the end, it ended up being one of his favourite beaches because it is so unique. The trick here is to try to simplify the composition. It may look like there is just one big tree trunk or 3 or 4 branches sticking out, but in … [Read more...]