Revisiting Sun Point, Glacier National Park

Sun Point, Glacier National Park, Montana

I’ve been working really hard getting my next eBook ready to go and I’m so excited to release it later this week! Since I’ve been focussing on the book I haven’t made very many new images lately so I decided to go back and revisit some of the images I made on my North American […]

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Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

Pronghorn Antelope

Where do the deer and the antelope play? Also in South Dakota! Although my first glimpse of these creatures (which I suspected were antelope, but I had to look it up) was in Montana. After not seeing much wildlife at all at Glacier National Park, we spent the next night at a truck stop where […]

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Sun Point and St. Mary Lake, Glacier National Park

Glacier NP Sun Point HDR

The winds howled over St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park as we hiked up to Sun Point to enjoy the vista. There were no serene reflections today! I had planned on doing some long exposures with my graduated neutral density filter, but when I pulled out my tripod the wind just about tore it […]

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Sunrift Gorge, Glacier National Park

Sunrift Gorge #2

The “Going-to-the-Sun” Road was closed in the middle section during our visit, forcing us to drive 2 hours around the park (and 2 hours back again) in order to get to the other places we wanted to see including St. Mary Lake, Sun Point, and Sunrift Gorge. Over time, glacier melt-off created this narrow channel […]

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How quickly things change

Lake MacDonald Fishing #2

Man, the weather changes fast in Glacier National Park! I was warned. I did my research and found many people giving the advice to take your rain gear no matter what the weather when you leave. In this photo, a young girl is fishing on the dock at Lake MacDonald just as a storm starts […]

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Does good weather make bad photos?

Lake MacDonald #5

Sometimes I think we photographers like to torture ourselves. We get up early, we stay out late, we go out in the rain, we hike to desolate locations all in the name of a photograph with emotion and mood. We are rewarded for such behaviour just enough times that we keep doing it. Don’t get […]

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Sharpness isn’t everything

Lake MacDonald, Glacier National Park

Is sharper always better? Most digital photographers sharpen their images, as do I. But sometimes I want a softer more painterly look. Achieving this affect in this image I made at Lake MacDonald in Glacier National Park took a number of steps. First, I got up really really early to catch the first light. 4:30am […]

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Creating Depth in the Mission Mountain Range, Montana

Mission Range Montana

The drive from Palouse, Washington, to Glacier National Park in Montana has to be one of the most scenic drives I have ever taken. The Mission Mountain Range juts high out of the prairie grasses and I was lucky to see it when there was both snow on the peaks and spring wildflowers in the […]

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