National Parks

White Tank, Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park, California

Like many places in the american southwest, the rock formations in Joshua Tree National Park can make you feel like you are on another planet. I made this image on the trail from White Tank Campground to Arch Rock. Please click the image to view a larger version.

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Keys View, Joshua Tree National Park

Keys View, Joshua Tree National Park, California

The best place to watch the sunset in Joshua Tree National Park, California, is at Keys View where the vast panorama includes the noticeable fault line of of the San Andreas Fault, the Coachella Valley, and the city of Palm Springs in the distant background. I made these three images as the sun was setting. […]

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The Third Joshua Tree

Sunset at Joshua Tree National Park, California

I like being able to make similar images with different feelings to them by working with the lighting conditions at a given moment and using technique to emphasize the feeling I am after. As the light changed from one evening to the next, I had the opportunity to make very different images of Joshua Trees […]

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One Simple Tree

Lone Joshua Tree, Joshua Tree National Park, California

Simplify. It’s the word I always think to myself when I’m looking for the perfect composition. A photograph does not have to contain everything. And, even when you find your perfect subject, that one perfect Joshua Tree, it doesn’t have to dominate the whole frame to tell it’s story. Part of the story is the […]

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Joshua Tree National Park Star Trails

Joshua Tree National Park Star Trails

I love star trails! I’ve been waiting to find the perfect location that would have something great in the foreground and dark night skies so I could try it again – and I found it at Joshua Tree National Park. We found the most beautiful campsite at Belle Campground right in the park. There was […]

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First Joshua Tree Sunset

Joshua Tree National Park Sunset

Here is the image I mentioned in my last post about how my plan for moonrise didn’t work out. Just as I realized my Plan A wasn’t working out and I was running out of time for Plan B, I abandonded my coveted position under Arch Rock, hiked out to see the glorious sunset that […]

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Arch Rock, Joshua Tree National Park

Arch Rock, Joshua Tree National Park, California

I had my first visit to Joshua Tree National Park in California a few days ago. It was one of those special days when the full moon would rise at sunset. In fact, it was to rise 15 minutes or so before sunset so it would be a perfect time to capture one of those […]

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Vintage Lobster Cove, Newfoundland

Lobster Cove, Newfoundland

Going back over my images from last year and picking out ones I didn’t process at the time or re-processing ones I have done before is a lot of fun! I am more adventurous when it comes to processing these because I know I have my “natural” shots done so it is fun to play […]

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Revisiting Sun Point, Glacier National Park

Sun Point, Glacier National Park, Montana

I’ve been working really hard getting my next eBook ready to go and I’m so excited to release it later this week! Since I’ve been focussing on the book I haven’t made very many new images lately so I decided to go back and revisit some of the images I made on my North American […]

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Does the world really need another image of Mesa Arch?

Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

I almost didn’t go. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of arches (and so have you by now!). Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park, Utah, has to the be the most overly photographed place in the USA. Of course, there is a reason for that, it looks amazing at sunrise when the bottom of the […]

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Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah

Delicate Arch is the most photographed of the 2,000 arches in Arches National Park, Utah. It seems to be a right of passage to hike the 1.5 mile trail that gains 500 feet in elevation to watch the sun’s last rays on the arch at the end of the day. Ya, I didn’t do that […]

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Turret Arch

Turret Arch, Arches National Park, Utah

Today’s photograph is a high dynamic range image of Turret Arch at Arches National Park in Utah. I made this image by combining three exposures in Photomatix. Please click the image to view a larger version. In post processing I used the “color stylizer” filter in Nik Color Efex Pro to desaturate the colours and […]

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OMG a Double Arch! What does it meeeeean???

Double Arch, Arches National Park, Utah

I still cannot get that half crazed double rainbow guy out of my head. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about just search on YouTube, you’ll find it.) It was all I could do to restrain myself from yelling out “Oh my god, oh my god, it’s a double arch, what does it meeeeean???” […]

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Balanced Rock at Arches National Park

Balanced Rock, Arches National Park, Utah

I’m back to the icons again. I can’t help myself. I know it’s been done but icons are icons for a reason. When you visit Arches National Park in Utah you just can’t go home without an image of balanced rock. The first time I passed balanced rock along the scenic drive it was fairly […]

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Sunset at Arches National Park, Utah

Turret Arch, Arches National Park, Utah

One place I couldn’t miss on my North American adventure was Arches National Park in Utah where there are more than 2,000 natural arches – the greatest concentration in the USA. The arches are made of soft red sandstone. They started out as large rocks which cracked and became slabs known as “fins.” Sections of […]

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Waterpocket Fold

Cassidy Arch, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

The 100 mile long wrinkle in the earth’s crust is called Waterpocket Fold. Early explorers called it an impassable reef which led to it’s current name: Capitol Reef National Park. It was created 65 million years ago by the same forces that uplifted the Colorado Plateau. It is a vast collection of cliffs, domes, spires, […]

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Twin Rocks at Capitol Reef

Twin Rocks, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

I was treated to a lovely sunset at Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. I really liked how the direct light shone onto the red twin rocks and made them glow. Please click the images to view larger versions. It’s hard to tell from this angle why they are called twin rocks. One of the […]

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The Castle at Capitol Reef

The Castle, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

Of all the national parks in Utah, Capitol Reef National Park is the one that seems to get overlooked by many tourists, yet it was one of my favourites. Perhaps that’s exactly what I liked about it: fewer people. Please click the image to view a larger version. It is just as rugged and magnificent […]

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Supermoon at Bryce Canyon

Thor's Hammer, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

I was so delighted to discover that I would be at Bryce Canyon National Park during the rise of the supermoon. On a trip like this I was bound to be somewhere great but Bryce Canyon with its hoodoos was ideal. This was my second attempt at photographing a supermoon. When it happened last year […]

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Hoodoo Chaos

Fairyland, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

When I visited Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah I had to find a way to make sense of the hoodoo chaos. It is quite amazing to behold such a vast landscape with so much detail. I asked myself what the main attractions were in the grand scene. I like to give myself some time […]

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Sunset Point, Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

My second National Park visit in Utah was Bryce Canyon where dense hoodoos, or tall rock formations, are jammed into the horseshoe shaped canyon. Called Bryce Amphitheater, I couldn’t help but think of a rock concert gone wrong. What was going on here that caused everyone to turn to stone? Please click the images to […]

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Checkerboard Mesa, Zion National Park

Checkerboard Mesa, Zion National Park, Utah

One of my favourite sections of Zion National Park was the first part I saw: Checkerboard Mesa. It has layers upon layers of slickrock as seen in the foreground of this image I made of a lone pine tree growing mysteriously out of the rock. The Mesa is the great mountain in the background with […]

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The Virgin River, Zion National Park

Virgin River, Zion National Park, Utah

There are two things that make Zion National Park as unique as it is: the great red sandstone cliffs and the Virgin River. Please click the images to view larger versions. I made a few images using a low angle perspective that would allow me to capture both the river and the red walls, and […]

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Lizard in Zion National Park

Lizard, Zion National Park, Utah

Do you ever dream of basking in the sun with towering sandstone cliffs on one side of you and a rushing river on the other? If you do, you might find this lizard is your neighbour: Please click the image to view a larger version. I’m not sure what kind of lizard he is. But […]

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