Yosemite National Park

Last light on Half Dome reflecting in the Merced River.

Only a photog could complain about beautiful blue sky sunny warm days in Yosemite! The best shots I have seen have been when a storm is clearing, but there were no storms on our trip. The weather was fantastic. Sunrise in Cook's Meadow During the heat and brightness of the day, I found myself looking for and choosing between the stunning locations to select for the … [Read more...]

Planning for Yosemite – Awesome Resources Part 3


In the final instalment of awesome resources I discovered while researching for my upcoming trip to Yosemite, find William Neill's Yosemite e-book. During my research I have seen a great many photographs of Yosemite. Almost too many now, I really have to stop looking. But Neill's photographs stood out as being a different type altogether. They have an emotional quality … [Read more...]

Planning for Yosemite – Awesome Resources Part 2

Sometimes it takes researching one small subject to really discover how huge the interwebs really are. Just Yosemite. Not all national parks or all of California or all landscape photography. Just Yosemite. It's massive, the subject, the amount that has been written, and the number of photographs. There are a few resources though that have really stood out and I would like to … [Read more...]

Planning for Yosemite – Awesome Resources Part 1


I am planning a photography trip to Yosemite and one of the first and most valuable resources I have come across is Lewis Kemper's Photographing Yosemite Digital Field Guide. The guide is available as a book and an iPhone app. I bought the iPhone app. The guide includes a map that utilizes google earth to display landmarks in the park and directions to get there. If you … [Read more...]