Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon

Haystack Rock by Anne McKinnell

The photo in yesterday's post was made on a foggy afternoon at Cannon Beach, Oregon. The next day, the skies opened up and the sun shone on Cannon Beach's iconic Haystack Rock. But there was still just enough fog lingering behind the rock to give the photo lots of mood. Please click the photo to view a larger version. I found a spot where I could use a low angle to … [Read more...]

Another Foggy Day at Cannon Beach, Oregon

Foggy day at Cannon Beach, Oregon by Anne McKinnell

As my summer on Vancouver Island draws to a close and I start getting ready for my trip to Africa next month, I realize I have so many photos from our last snowbird season down south that I still haven't shared with you! I'm going to share as many of them as I possibly can over the next few weeks because I have a ton of new photos from British Columbia coming and I know I'm … [Read more...]

Bandon Beach Seascape

Bandon Beach, Oregon, by Anne McKinnell

A seascape is like a breath of fresh salty air isn't it? I am a little tired of the cactus photos, and thought maybe you were too, so I dug up this seascape from earlier this snowbird season. I made it in one of my favourite places in the world, Bandon Beach, Oregon. Sorry I haven't had very many new blog posts lately. I have the worst internet connection! But I … [Read more...]

Sunset at Depoe Bay, Oregon

Sunset at Depoe Bay, Oregon, by Anne McKinnell

In between our vists to Cannon Beach and Bandon Beach, Oregon, we stopped to enjoy a sunset at Depoe Bay. Depoe Bay is always so exciting with the crashing waves on all sides. They have a wonderfully big parking lot so it was no problem to pull in there with our RV, watch the sunset, have dinner, and continue on our way. I took the opportunity to test out some high speed … [Read more...]

The Stillness of Motion

Bandon Beach, Oregon, by Anne McKinnell

I love watching waves. The ocean has this way of being still and moving at the same time. I've been trying to capture that moment and I think I finally got it in this photo I made at Bandon Beach, Oregon. Please click the image to view a larger version. You have to watch the waves for awhile to figure out when the moment is going to happen. There will be a series … [Read more...]

Bandon Beach Black and White Seascape

Black and white seascape at Bandon Beach, Oregon, by Anne McKinnell.

Featured in Topaz Lab's Pro Insights I was recently interviewed by the fantastic folks over at Topaz Labs for their "Pro Insights" series! If you've been following the blog very long, you probably already know that I'm a big fan of the Topaz Plugins like Adjust, BW Effects, Clarity and Restyle, so I am honoured that they wanted to interview me for their blog. You can … [Read more...]

Ripples in the Sand on Cannon Beach

A foggy day at Cannon Beach, Oregon, by Anne McKinnell

I've decided to change my approach a little bit here on the blog. Instead of doing longer posts with several photos, I am going to go back to posting one photo per day. Well ... almost every day ... except on the weekends ... okay, I'll just try my best :) So if you are one of the readers who used to enjoy the blog along with your morning coffee, rejoice, I will now have … [Read more...]

Cannon Beach, Oregon, in the Fog

Cannon Beach, Oregon, by Anne McKinnell

I have so much to catch up on! It's hard to believe it's been almost 4 weeks since we left home, finally, and I haven't posted any photos from this snowbird season yet. After arriving in Port Angeles, we drove right through Washington to Seaside, Oregon, where we left the RV for a couple of days so we could go and celebrate at one of our favourite places, Cannon Beach. … [Read more...]