Sometimes an image needs a rest

North Lake, Prince Edward Island

Do you ever go on a photo shoot and make an image feeling quite confident that you got a great shot ... and then when you see it on your computer later it just didn't turn out the way you envisioned it? That happens to me all the time and I've discovered a secret: sometimes images just need to rest awhile. Like this image I made at North Lake on Prince Edward Island last … [Read more...]

A Boat for Dad – PEI

Last Man Standing

Today is the first in a series of posts I call "A Boat for Dad". My Dad was a commercial fisherman on the pacific coast for over 65 years. He had many boats in his career including trollers, seiners, and crab boats. Since I have been travelling on the east coast, Dad keeps asking me to find him a boat. Of course, it has to be a free boat which I can tow home for him :) For … [Read more...]

Basin Head, Prince Edward Island

Lifeguard Chair

I made this image at another one of the fabulous beaches on Prince Edward Island, this one a white sand beach. It was a gorgeous sunset with a full moon and I really liked how the red of the lifeguard's chair looked against the pink sky. I used my Singh-Ray 2 stop hard graduated neutral density filter to even out the exposure due to the brightness of the sky, and stacked … [Read more...]

Average House on PEI

PEI Home

As I drove around Prince Edward Island photographing all the beautiful beaches, fishing villages and lighthouses, it occurred to me that I hadn't captured what I was seeing most: small homes on vast tracts of land with incredible views. Homes here all seem to have huge amounts of property around them. Many have fields of potatoes, but if they don't the certainly have huge … [Read more...]

Cape Bear, Prince Edward Island

Cape Bear

Nothing says "PEI" more than rugged sandstone cliffs and red sand beaches. They have lighthouses too, but honestly they are tiny compared to those you find on the west coast. This one is located at Cape Bear on the south eastern coast of PEI where it has aided mariners since 1881 (the red sand beach is on the other side of the lighthouse). There was once a Marconi Wireless … [Read more...]

Campbell’s Cove PEI

Campbell's Cove #1

One of Prince Edward Island's gorgeous red sand beaches is Campbell's Cove, located on the south eastern shore. These images were taken at one far end of the beach where the red sand turns to red sandstone, carved into layers over time. … [Read more...]

Long Exposure Seascapes on PEI

PEI seashore #1

There’s nothing I love more than going to a beach at sunset with my camera and a pack of filters, finding some interesting rocks, and watching the light fade away. I heard that Prince Edward Island had red sand, but I had no idea that the beaches would be just like Mexico. Ok, when it is sunny and warm, it is just like Mexico :) Whether white or red, the texture of the sand … [Read more...]

Pure Mussel

Pure Mussel

While the main commercial fishery on Prince Edward Island used to be cod, there is now a moratorium on groundfish. The commercial salmon fishery closed in the 1970s. They still fish for halibut, but according to one fisherman I spoke to, the only fishermen making any money are fishing mussels. I particularly liked the looks of this boat, aptly named “Pure Mussel”. … [Read more...]