Avenue of Oaks

Boone Hall Plantation, Charleston, South Carolina

In 1743 these Live Oaks were planted as an approach to the estate at Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina. It took two centuries for the moss draped branches to meet overhead forming a corridor that made the plantation famous for its beauty. Imagine that the person who planted these trees knew they would never see them in their glory nor reap any rewards for … [Read more...]


Palm Tree, South Carolina

This Sabal Palmetto, or cabbage palm, is native to southeastern United States. The contrasting textures of the trunk of the tree, the wooden fence, and the green grasses and trees in the background caught my eye. I set up my tripod right in front of the palmetto to make this symmetrical shot. In post-processing, I used topaz-adjust to emphasize the texture of the tree while … [Read more...]

Plantation Homes

Boone Hall Plantation, Charleston, South Carolina

One of the products the slaves produced at Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina, was bricks. The Colonial-Revival plantation house, which was built in the early 20th century to replace the original wooden home, was built using bricks from the plantation. The plantation house is quite a contrast to the nine original slave cabins built in 1790. There … [Read more...]

Under the Canopy

Live Oak Trees, South Carolina

One of the things I was really looking forward to doing in southern USA was visiting a plantation. Maybe it's because of my favourite novel "The Book of Negros" by Lawrence Hill. If you're looking for a good novel I highly recommend it. It's about a girl who is kidnapped in Africa, made to walk across the continent in a coffle (a chain of slaves), barely survives the belly of … [Read more...]

Working the Scene at Folly Beach

Folly Beach Pier, Charleston, South Carolina

This week's images have all been from the same location: Folly Beach, Charleston, South Carolina. When I get to a new place, I usually start out with the wide-angle shot that encompasses a large area and then really work the scene moving in closer and closer, eliminating elements from the scene to create more abstract compositions. This is one of the first images I … [Read more...]

Blocking the Sun

Folly Beach Pier, Charleston, South Carolina

Twilight is my favourite time of day to make images, and aren't I lucky that I get two chances every day? That period of time before the sun rises is so colourful and peaceful it is sometimes disappointing when the sun floods the scene with its intense rays and I know my time is limited. One technique I like to use to prolong the time period of intense colour is to hide the sun … [Read more...]

A Welcome Return to the Coast

Folly Beach Pier, Charleston, South Carolina

There’s nothing like the ocean. When I’m away I miss it. Up in the mountains the air seems thin. I yearn for the moist salty air, the taste of the salt on my lips on a windy day, and the texture of my handful of sand. Have you ever noticed that the texture of the sand is different on every beach? I like the sound of the waves; sometimes crashing big slow waves, … [Read more...]

Say Hello to my new Website!

Charleston, South Carolina

Welcome! Yes, you are in the right place. This is the new look of my blog. Why all the changes? Well ... I wanted my blog and my photo gallery to be integrated into one website so folks can browse around, read my stories, and see my photo gallery at the same time in the same place. That all sounds much easier than it really is, believe me! I've been working on this for some … [Read more...]