Ghost Car

Ghost Car

What's your Google+ ID? I've really been enjoying Google+ since the beta version came out. It is like the best of flickr, facebook and twitter all in one easy to use format. I have to say I like it better than all the other social media networking platforms and it is especially great for photographers. If you have google+, please put your ID in the comments so that I and … [Read more...]

Badlands Yellow Mounds

Badlands Yellow Mounds #1

When the black hills were formed in South Dakota the ancient sea drained away. Once exposed to air, the black ocean mud was weathered into a yellow soil known as the yellow mounds. Tropical plants began to grow. Today many fossils are found in the yellow mounds. I took these shots on a somewhat cloudy day which diffused the normally harsh afternoon light and added to … [Read more...]

Timeless but Ever Changing

Badlands Sunset

The badlands have a way of making a person feel small within its vastness and ancient history. You think back to prehistoric times when dinosaurs, saber-toothed cats and miniature camels and horses roamed here. The buttes themselves feel timeless. The landscape changes suddenly from an “ocean of prairie” to its sharp buttes. It changes constantly, every year loosing an inch … [Read more...]

Buttes and Spires in Badlands National Park

Badlands Vista

Badlands National Park is a desolate landscape of buttes and spires carved by centuries of prairie winds and rain. It is located on the edge of the Great Plains grasslands, home of the Ingalls homestead from Little House on the Prairie. From the top of the spires looking out on the landscape, it is hard not to think of the Old West. Some of the names associated with this … [Read more...]

Wet Landscapes and Saturated Colour

South Dakota Fence

We arrived at our campsite in Interior, South Dakota. It looked great on the website, but when we got there we found it was really run down. You could tell it used to be a nice place, but it was not maintained, they failed the water testing and had to chlorinate the water, and standing water outside meant huge mosquitos.  Nevertheless, we decided to stay since we got it at half … [Read more...]

The Happy-Dancing Badlands Bison

Happy Bison #1

Once upon a time, in Badlands National Park in South Dakota, there was a bad-ass bison. He was the largest bison in the herd and had a reputation for being, well, a bad-ass. But he was much more than a bad-ass. Sometimes, when he saw a funny looking person staring at him, he would show his other side. Hey, you're a funny looking person... I'm going to show you something … [Read more...]

Baby Bears!

Baby Bear Hiding

Awww, baby bears! Who can resist a baby bear? Not me. And there are not very many opportunities to observe baby bears frolicking about. So when I saw the billboard and got a personal recommendation from a fellow camper, I just had to go visit Bear Country in South Dakota. I remembered when I was kid my family visited Lion Country in California where the animals have huge … [Read more...]

Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

Pronghorn Herd

Where do the deer and the antelope play? Also in South Dakota! Although my first glimpse of these creatures (which I suspected were antelope, but I had to look it up) was in Montana. After not seeing much wildlife at all at Glacier National Park, we spent the next night at a truck stop where this herd of antelope ran outside the window of the RV, twice! I couldn't resist this … [Read more...]