My Brand New Photography eBook / eCourse

The Compelling Photograph

I'm so excited to launch my brand new photography eBook / eCourse today! The Compelling Photograph: Techniques for Creating Better Images - is your guide to understanding the principles of image design and it will help you come home with great images after every shoot. You have 3 choices: you can purchase the eBook and do the assignments on your own you can … [Read more...]

8 Ways To Accelerate Your Photography

8 Ways To Accelerate Your Photography

I am so excited today to announce my new eBook "8 Ways To Accelerate Your Photography." Over the past year I have received many emails from readers and I've noticed one theme that comes up again and again. There is not enough time to learn everything. It's true! Not only are you the photographer but now the jobs that used to belong to lab technicians, marketers, … [Read more...]

I’m in Canadian Geographic!!

Go with the flow, Canadian Geographic Best Wild Weather Pictures 2012

I'm home! I arrived home on Vancouver Island in British Columbia one year to the day from my departure on a grand adventure travelling around North America in an RV with the goal of photographing as many beautiful places as possible. I still have lots of images from Utah to show you before I write my post-trip wrap up and give you the final budget report. But for now I have … [Read more...]

City Critters Children’s Book

City Critters: Wildlife in the Urban Jungle

I am so excited to announce that one of my images has been published in a newly released children's book called "City Critters: Wildlife in the Urban Jungle" published by Orcabooks. My image of a sea lion sleeping on an ocean data buoy is the full page chapter image for the chapter on marine mammals. Please click the image to view a larger version. I wish I had a … [Read more...]

Before The Shutter: Free eBook Launched Today


I am so excited to announce the release of my second eBook! And best of all, you can get a copy for FREE."Before The Shutter" will help you get the most out of your next photo excursion by preparing for and planning an award-winning photograph. Creating a timeless image has as much to do with the work that went in to the photograph long before the shutter was pressed as it … [Read more...]

Publication in BetterPhoto Guide to Creative Digital Photography


I finally received my copy of the BetterPhoto Guide to Creative Digital Photography written by Jim Moitke and Kerry Drager. Jim and Kerry have both been mentors to me over the years, through taking online courses at, the masterpiece club at BetterPhoto, and from a seminar I took in Seattle a few years ago. I was honoured that they asked to use one of the photos … [Read more...]

My first magazine cover!!

Harbor Magazine

I am delighted to announce that one of my images of Victoria's Inner Harbour has graced the cover of Harbors Magazine, the in-flight magazine for Kenmore Air. Kenmore Air runs float planes between Victoria, Seattle and Vancouver as well as numerous routes to islands and fishing lodges along the coast of British Columbia. Having this cover image in my list of credits is a … [Read more...]

Publication in Yacht Charter Catalog

Ship Harbor Magazine

Today I received in the mail a copy of the Ship Harbor Yacht Charter catalog featuring two of my images of Desolation Sound, British Columbia, on a two page spread in the centrefold. Synchronicity seems to be at work here since it is my first stock sale, my first commercial publication, it combines my two passions, and mostly because this was the very first boat trip … [Read more...]