Balboa Park, San Diego

Museum of Man, Balboa Park by Anne McKinnell

During my visit to San Diego, I spent one afternoon at the beautiful Balboa Park, which is known for the famous San Diego Zoo, but there are also tons of other things to see in the huge 1200 acre park. Since I only had a few hours I decided not to go in any of the park's 17 museums - that will have to wait for another trip. Instead I roamed around photographing the elaborate … [Read more...]

Santa Fe’s Historic Adobe Architecture

Santa Fe, New Mexico

One characteristic of Santa Fe that makes it stand out among other cities is the same thing that doesn't stand out: its architectural style. The distinctive low-profile adobe buildings are made of earth and sun-dried straw. They come in a variety of soft earthen tones and have flat roofs and soft rounded corners making them blend in to the gentle slopes of the mountains … [Read more...]

Architectural Geometry in Daytona

Daytona, Florida

Daytona beach has so much to offer. I can only imagine what it would be like in high season with tons of people partying all over the streets. From the coral sands at Ormond Beach, to helping to rescue sailors in trouble at sea, the exciting speedway, driving on the beach, and even architecture that commands attention with its geometric shapes and neon colours. I … [Read more...]


The women's room

I think I'm finally ready. My new blog is dedicated to all things artistic that interest me: primarily photography, image making, popular culture, and the combination of those things that can result in unique creative images. My goal in creating this is to build and encourage happiness. I have found that looking at the world through the lens in a quest to make beautiful … [Read more...]