Seagulls and Salmon in Campbell River, BC

Seagulls and Salmon by Anne McKinnell

Some birds just get all the attention. Everyone loves the spoonbill with all their character, the colourful flamingos, the regal eagles, the elegant egrets and herons. Even the odd and somewhat ugly woodstork gets respect. But what about the lowly seagull? Are they so common as to be uninteresting? Not to me. Especially when it's time for a salmon feast! In Campbell … [Read more...]

Bald Eagle Dance

Two bald eagles by Anne McKinnell

At our campsite in Campbell River, British Columbia, the bald eagles are constantly watching from above, flying by, and diving down for a fish. One bald eagle sits on the top of a dead tree for hours every day. A few days ago, he was joined by a friend... I made this photo while practicing with my new Canon 400mm f/5.6L lens. I love that lens! But the eagles were a … [Read more...]

Sunset at the Estuary in Campbell River, BC

Sunset at the Estuary in Campbell River BC by Anne McKinnell

A few evenings ago we were treated to the most beautiful sunset at our campsite at Thunderbird RV park in Campbell River, BC. This is our view from the back window of the RV! I'm so glad we picked an RV with a big picture window in the back. The estuary fills up with water at high tide, which just happened to coincide with sunset, producing beautiful … [Read more...]

Campground Wildlife in Campbell River, BC

Great Blue Heron

Our new home for the rest of the summer is in Campbell River, British Columbia, where we found a beautiful campsite with abundant wildlife, only 5 minutes walk from the marina! Campbell River, a mid-point on Vancouver Island, is the place we planned on moving to before we decided we love the RV lifestyle and didn't want to buy another house after all. Why have a house when … [Read more...]

Wallace Island Marine Park, British Columbia

Wallace Island Marine Park

The best part about summer on the coast of British Columbia is being out on the water on those warm, calm days. My little power boat, “Snoopy”, takes me to all sorts of out of the way places where I can explore the bays, coves, and watch the wildlife. Between Vancouver Island and the mainland, there are hundreds of little islands to explore. Only some of them have public … [Read more...]

Englishman River Falls, Vancouver Island, BC

Englishman River Falls, Vancouver Island, British Columbia by Anne McKinnell

I grew up on Vancouver Island. It is a gorgeous part of the world, especially in summer time. There are lots of special places on the island, but there are certain places I return to again and again for their beauty and tranquility. Places I enjoy every single time. One of those places is Englishman River Falls. Please click any of the images to view larger … [Read more...]

Photography Locations: Revisit and Reshoot


As a devoted wanderer, the joy of visiting a new photography location is like food for my soul. Fresh sights, sounds, smells, and experiences await with every unknown place I go, and the whirlwind of excitement is all-encompassing as I make images of all the things I'm seeing for the first time. Because I know this experience so well, I can attest to one fact: the … [Read more...]