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9 Months of Nomadic Life & the Meaning of Time


As a society we attempt to regulate our lives by imposing the notion of time. We have a general idea how long we will live if we’re lucky. We chop our time up into years, months , weeks, days, hours and minutes. We get 15 minutes for coffee, an hour for lunch, we work 8 […]

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The Cost of Our New Lives 6 Months In

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I know everyone is interested in how much this grand adventure costs. I’m not shy, I’ll tell you exactly how much it costs and hope that it helps others who might be planning a similar trip. Here is a quick summary of what we are doing in case you haven’t been following along from the […]

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How much does all this cost anyway?


It’s been 3 months today since we left Vancouver Island for the adventure of a lifetime – and we’re still heading east! Looking back, we have absolutely no regrets and are even more convinced that our decision was right for us. In fact, we’re now trying to figure out ways of making money on the […]

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