Light Painting a Ghost Town

Gas station in El Dorada Canyon, Nevada, by Anne McKinnell

It's great to have friends to meet up with and share experiences with when we're on the road! Especially when we all get to learn about photography from each other at the same time. Last year one of my blog readers contacted me when it looked like we were coming his way and invited us to stay at his small RV park in Moapa, Nevada, which is how we ended up at the Valley of … [Read more...]

Rhyolite Ghost Town, Nevada

Rhylote Ghost Town, Nevada, by Anne McKinnell

I'm starting to get this thing for photographing ghost towns. While staying in Beatty, Nevada, to visit Death Valley National Park, I heard there was a ghost town nearby known as Rhyolite Ghost Town. After my experience in a ghost town called Terlingua in Texas last year, I was excited to visit and photograph another ghost town and see what kinds of images I could make at … [Read more...]

Sunset on a Ghost Town

Terlingua, Texas

As the sky began to change and late afternoon turned to evening, I made my way to the ruins of the old Chisos Mining Company in Terlingua, Texas. It was such a peaceful evening. I felt lucky to be able to experience such a magical place. … [Read more...]

Terlingua, a Texas Ghost Town

Terlingua, Texas

You know from my recent posts how much I enjoyed Big Bend National Park in Texas. We stayed at Rio Grande Village for the first part of our visit and then we moved around to the other side to be closer to some of the scenery over there. It's a pretty big park. We chose an RV park in a ghost town named Terlingua. Little did I know it would turn out to be one of my favourite … [Read more...]