First Day in Bisti Badlands, New Mexico

Bisti Badlands by Anne McKinnell

This place has been on my wish list for years. A hidden treasure most people have never heard of. A lot of the information I read about it online including directions to landmarks and where to camp turned out to be totally false - but the gorgeous scenery was certainly true. Giant hoodoos, balanced rocks, rocks shaped like every animal you can think of, even rocks … [Read more...]

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

One of my favourite spots in Utah is Goblin Valley State Park where the hoodoos look like playful goblins. Located in the middle of the San Rafael Desert, about two and a half hours drive west of Moab, the valley was formed by the same forces of nature that caused the variety of rock formations I have been showing on the blog lately: inland sea, wind and … [Read more...]

Hoodoo Chaos

Fairyland, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

When I visited Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah I had to find a way to make sense of the hoodoo chaos. It is quite amazing to behold such a vast landscape with so much detail. I asked myself what the main attractions were in the grand scene. I like to give myself some time to consider my subject and what I want to say about it before I start photographing so the images … [Read more...]