Desert Sunset at Joshua Tree National Park

Sunset at Joshua Tree National Park by Anne McKinnell

One of the reasons I like going down south in the winter (and there are many) is the incredible sunsets in the desert. It seems like every day is a clear blue sky day with no clouds and then, as the day goes on, the clouds move in just in time for sunset. There are stages to the sunset that we just don’t get on the coast. Or perhaps it doesn’t happen frequently enough … [Read more...]

The Echo of a Shape at Jumbo Rocks

Jumbo Rocks at Joshua Tree National Park by Anne McKinnell

When I am photographing, I always keep my eye out for strong shapes since they tend to lead to strong compositions. Any shape will do: circles, squares, triangles, curves. During my last visit to Joshua Tree National Park in California, I went back to a place I had been before, Jumbo Rocks, where there are all kinds of interesting rocks to photograph. But there was one rock … [Read more...]

Joshua Tree National Park Panorama

Joshua Tree Panorama by Anne McKinnell

Joshua Tree National Park in California is such a unique landscape that I really wanted to make a panorama image that would convey the vastness and the sheer quantity of Joshua Trees. The first few I tried didn’t turn out so well though! The trees looked so small and unimpressive. I realized that the perspective I was using made all the trees carry the same importance and no … [Read more...]

Cholla Cactus Garden

Cholla Cactus Garden by Anne McKinnell

One of the most interesting features of Joshua Tree National Park in California is the Cholla Cactus Garden. But, it is really hard to get a good composition here. At least that's what I found. I was disappointed with the photos I made here last year, so this year I was determined not only to be there in good light, but to find a cholla I could isolate. One of the … [Read more...]

Joshua Tree Sunburst

Joshua Tree sunburst by Anne McKinnell

Do you process your photos in order? Just wondering... I usually process mine in order because I'm afraid if I skip over something I might never come back to it. But on the other hand, maybe you're tired of seeing Joshua Trees by now and I should change it up a bit and save some of them for another time. I guess if I saved enough of them I would be able to jump around … [Read more...]

Belle – The Most Beautiful Campground in California?

Belle Campground

This is one of the places I yearned to go back to this winter. Belle Campground in Joshua Tree National Park. We've been to some nice campgrounds. Lots of nice campgrounds. But I always prefer the ones where we can get away from people and enjoy nature. I particularly like ones where I can stumble out of the RV in the morning and the scenery is right there waiting for … [Read more...]

Finding New Compositions in Jumbo Rocks

Jumbo Rocks, Joshua Tree National Park, California by Anne McKinnell

A few months ago I wrote about how revisiting photo locations can help you grow as a photographer by forcing you to move beyond the obvious and find new compositions. Last year when I visited Jumbo Rocks in Joshua Tree National Park I discovered, through my telephoto lens, an interesting rock formation. Here is last year's photo: Since then, I have seen other photos … [Read more...]

Just Three of the Many Jumbo Rocks

Jumbo Rocks by Anne McKinnell

I think I could spend days photographing in this location. The only problem with it is that the campground bearing it's name is extremely popular so there are always lots of people at Jumbo Rocks in Joshua Tree National Park. Please click the image to view a larger version. Our RV is too big to fit in that campground, and I don't think I would like being near so many … [Read more...]