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A Boat for Dad – New Brunswick

Fishing Boat, New Brunswick

Here is the last in my series of fishing boats from the maritime provinces in Canada. Today’s instalment is from New Brunswick where, at the Bay of Fundy, the huge tides cause the boats to rest on the bottom for a good part of every day. It was interesting to talk to the fishermen to […]

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Dickson Falls, Fundy National Park

Dickson Falls, Fundy National Park, New Brunswick

At Fundy National Park in New Brunswick, one of the most pleasant trails is the one that leads to Dickson Falls. In the dense forest, the falls cascade (like falls always do) and the brook babbles along through mossy rocks in the deep gorge. In autumn, those mossy rocks tend to be covered with colourful […]

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Two (more) perspectives on Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

I like to get different perspectives on the same subject so that when they are put together as a series, the viewer can more easily imagine the experience of a place. In the past two days I showed you different perspectives on a grouping of rocks at Hopewell Rocks, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia. This […]

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The Spaces Between

Hopewell Rocks, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

Yesterday I was talking to some photographers about how photography is similar to writing in that the things you choose to leave out are as important as what is left in. Sometimes when you tell the whole story at once you take away the mystery. That led me to this photograph I made at Hopewell […]

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Walking on the Ocean Floor

Hopewell Rocks, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

At the Bay of Fundy, the shape of the coastline dramatically increases tides resulting in the largest tidal range in the world. At Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick, giant rocks are perched on the shore. The shifting of the earth’s crust ripped the layers of rock apart, glaciers carved into the cracks, and the sea […]

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Woodstock, New Brunswick

Brown House

I got to enjoy an extended visit in Woodstock, New Brunswick, due to a failing transmission in Big Baby Blue. At least if you have get stuck somewhere, our beautiful campsite on the Saint John River was much better than, say, the on-ramp to the highway or some mosquito-ridden leech lake campsite in Ontario. We […]

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Buggy and Barrels


Two final images from King’s Landing Historical Settlement, New Brunswick. While I did tour the restored homes, I found the most interesting parts to be the things I found around back or hidden in a corner. First a 19th century buggy. And finally, some barrels from the back room which no-doubt contained some kind of […]

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The Visiting Cousins

Tired Boy

Here are some more photos of visiting cousins from King’s Landing Historical Settlement, New Brunswick. Somehow it was easier to get images of the boys. Maybe it’s the thing about being in character. All the boys were playing games and lounging about while the girls were inside studying and cooking.

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Boys, Boys, Boys

Boys Boys Boys

The historical settlement of King’s Landing, New Brunswick, offers a program called “Visiting Cousins” where children of various ages live the life of a child from the 19th century for a week or so. They dress in period costume, participate in period activities, associate themselves with one of the historic homes, and attend the 1840 […]

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The Peddler’s Cart

The Peddler's Cart

In the 1800’s, peddlers would travel from farm to farm using person- or animal-drawn carts to supply isolated populations with basic goods such as pots and pans, tools, and cloth. For many of those farms, the closest community could be more than a day’s travel making the peddler a vital part of life. I found […]

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Operating without a flash or tripod


Have you ever wondered what to do when you find a great treasure, but it’s in a dark room and you don’t have a flash or a tripod? Me too! I never really learned how to use a flash anyway. I tried it a few times with borrowed equipment, but since most of my photographs […]

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New Brunswick in the 1800’s

King's Landing #1

In case you wondered what happened to my blog in the past couple of days, it was hacked by blog vandal evil do’ers who redirected my traffic to their own advertisement websites. So to protect my friends and keep the evil do’ers out, I password protected it while it was being fixed. Sorry ’bout that […]

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Camping on the Saint John River, New Brunswick

Woodstock Rainbow #1

From Quebec, we drove to New Brunswick and found a beautiful campsite right on the Saint John River. The weather was sunny and warm during the day, and in the evening the thunderclouds would roll in and the rain and lightening would come. This is very different from home in British Columbia when the rain […]

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