White Pelicans at the Salton Sea, California

White Pelican Reflection by Anne McKinnell

The best thing about RVing is the changing scenery. Every time we move, I get a brand new back yard to look at, a new sunrise to enjoy, and a new place to relax for happy hour. Lately we've been hanging out at one of my favourite boondocking spots in California: the Salton Sea. This is the third year we've stopped here and this time we've explored more locations along the … [Read more...]

Early Rise for the Pelican

Pelican, Everglades National Park, Florida

At the far end of Everglades National Park, we set up camp at the Flamingo campground. The name is a misnomer though since there are no flamingos to be found there at all. We rose bright and early and set out in our rented canoe to check out the bay while it was still calm and cool. I was delighted when we paddled away from the marina and around the corner to discover that … [Read more...]