Sunset and Prickly Pears Over the Rio Grande

Rio Grande Sunset by Anne McKinnell

From the Rio Grande Village Campground at Big Bend National Park, Texas, you can take a short hike up to the Rio Grande Overlook and find this stunning view! I like hiking, but it's nice to find a sunset spot where you don't have to hike down too far in the dark - or worse leave your spot too soon because you don't want to get jabbed by nasty cacti like these prickly … [Read more...]

Photographing Mexico From Texas

Big Bend National Park, Texas

This is actually Mexico. Photographing Mexico from Texas isn't something I really thought about before. I've never been to a Mexican border town, and I still haven't because they closed the legal crossings in Big Bend National Park. Up until a few years ago visitors to the park could cross over and visit the villages on the other side of the Rio Grande, buy some trinkets, … [Read more...]

First Glimpse of the Rio Grande, Texas

Big Bend National Park, Texas

I do like to mix things up a bit here on the blog and in my photography in general by trying out different things. A little lensbaby play, a few city scenes, maybe some close-ups of shells -- but I can't help but notice that the landscape shots get all the attention. When I put up other stuff I can hear the crickets. But that's ok, I have to stretch my wings, and now it's time … [Read more...]