Joshua Tree Silhouette

Joshua Tree National Park, California

Finally! This is the image I had in my mind as the one I wanted to come home with after my visit to Joshua Tree National Park in California. I do like some of the other tree images I got as well, but this is the one I really wanted. Please click the image to view a larger version. … [Read more...]

First Joshua Tree Sunset

Joshua Tree National Park Sunset

Here is the image I mentioned in my last post about how my plan for moonrise didn't work out. Just as I realized my Plan A wasn't working out and I was running out of time for Plan B, I abandonded my coveted position under Arch Rock, hiked out to see the glorious sunset that was happening behind me, and found a Joshua Tree in silhouette. Please click the image to view … [Read more...]

Creativity Booster #2: Silhouettes

Creativity Booster #2 Silhouettes

"Creativity Boosters" is a series of photography tips designed to inspire and encourage you to try new shooting techniques. Do you ever find yourself in a rut or shooting the same things over and over again? Don't let your photography get boring! Use one of the creativity boosters to drive your eye to find new subjects. The second in the series is about making … [Read more...]

Summer Fun on PEI

Summer Fun on PEI

With our truck finally fixed, we hit the New Brunswick road and headed for Prince Edward Island. Not that we are finished with New Brunswick, we are just going in a bit of a loop so we’ll do Prince Edward Island, then Nova Scotia, then Newfoundland, then the southern coast of Nova Scotia, then the southern coast of New Brunswick. Here’s a map in case you are not familiar with … [Read more...]