Sunset and Prickly Pears Over the Rio Grande

Rio Grande Sunset by Anne McKinnell

From the Rio Grande Village Campground at Big Bend National Park, Texas, you can take a short hike up to the Rio Grande Overlook and find this stunning view! I like hiking, but it's nice to find a sunset spot where you don't have to hike down too far in the dark - or worse leave your spot too soon because you don't want to get jabbed by nasty cacti like these prickly … [Read more...]

The Silence and the Stars

Star Trails, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

I've been thinking of recording the sounds of some of the places I visit and Texas had some really unique sounds. First there was the nasty javalinas, which are 60 pound hairy pig-like creatures (but they are not pigs). I wish I had a photo but they were too elusive and I only saw one once. It was the time I heard one that was frightening. Ray and I were on a trail … [Read more...]

Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

We drove north too fast! After enjoying 80-85 degree and dry weather conditions in Big Bend National Park, we headed up to Guadalupe where we were shocked to see snow for the first time on our trip. It was just a light dusting of snow that was perfect for photography and I had to pull the truck over a few times along the way to make sure I captured it before it was … [Read more...]

Which city has the best “Welcome To …” sign?

Fort Stockton, Texas

I can't say I usually pay attention to the "Welcome to [insert city name], Home of the [insert team name]" signs. Every city big and small has one. Some are square, some are round. But none have caught my attention like the one at Fort Stockton, Texas. Please click the image to view a larger version. We stayed at Fort Stockton before and after our visit to Big Bend … [Read more...]

Sunset on a Ghost Town

Terlingua, Texas

As the sky began to change and late afternoon turned to evening, I made my way to the ruins of the old Chisos Mining Company in Terlingua, Texas. It was such a peaceful evening. I felt lucky to be able to experience such a magical place. … [Read more...]

Terlingua, a Texas Ghost Town

Terlingua, Texas

You know from my recent posts how much I enjoyed Big Bend National Park in Texas. We stayed at Rio Grande Village for the first part of our visit and then we moved around to the other side to be closer to some of the scenery over there. It's a pretty big park. We chose an RV park in a ghost town named Terlingua. Little did I know it would turn out to be one of my favourite … [Read more...]

Contrabando, Texas

Contrabando Movie Set, Big Bend State Park, Texas

Doesn't this place look like it belongs in an old cowboy movie? That's because it does! It's an abandoned movie set known as "Contrabando" located right along the Rio Grande in Big Bend State Park, Texas. (By the way, sorry for the lack of large size images lately. I have terrible internet and it is almost impossible to upload my blog posts and small images let alone large … [Read more...]

Luna’s Jacal

Luna's Jacal

At the edge of Alamo Creek in Big Bend National Park, Texas, Gilberto Luna built this jacal which is made of rock, earth and plant fiber. It was a scorching hot day the afternoon we were here and I was surprised to find how cool it was inside the jacal. It must have been somewhat uncomfortable though. At only around 4 feet high I had to bend over quite a bit to move around … [Read more...]