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Joshua Tree Silhouette

Joshua Tree National Park, California

Finally! This is the image I had in my mind as the one I wanted to come home with after my visit to Joshua Tree National Park in California. I do like some of the other tree images I got as well, but this is the one I really wanted. Please click the image to […]

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Juniper and Balanced Rock

Juniper and Balanced Rock, Joshua Tree National Park, California.

This is one of the iconic locations in Joshua Tree National Park in California. I have seen many images from this location, but I figure they must all be from a few years ago because none of them contain the shrub in the lower left corner. Most of the images I have seen of this […]

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The Third Joshua Tree

Sunset at Joshua Tree National Park, California

I like being able to make similar images with different feelings to them by working with the lighting conditions at a given moment and using technique to emphasize the feeling I am after. As the light changed from one evening to the next, I had the opportunity to make very different images of Joshua Trees […]

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One Simple Tree

Lone Joshua Tree, Joshua Tree National Park, California

Simplify. It’s the word I always think to myself when I’m looking for the perfect composition. A photograph does not have to contain everything. And, even when you find your perfect subject, that one perfect Joshua Tree, it doesn’t have to dominate the whole frame to tell it’s story. Part of the story is the […]

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Under the Canopy

Live Oak Trees, South Carolina

One of the things I was really looking forward to doing in southern USA was visiting a plantation. Maybe it’s because of my favourite novel “The Book of Negros” by Lawrence Hill. If you’re looking for a good novel I highly recommend it. It’s about a girl who is kidnapped in Africa, made to walk […]

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