Kolob Terrace

Kolob Terrace, Zion National Park, Utah by Anne McKinnell

While trying to get away from the spring break crowds in Zion National Park, Utah, we discovered Kolob Terrace in the central part of the park. To get there from Zion Canyon, you exit the park on the south, travel west to Virgin, and go up Kolob Terrace Road where you re-enter the park. (Note, this is a different place than Kolob Canyons.) Along the 23 mile road you'll … [Read more...]

Kolob Canyons

Kolob Canyon

Zion National Park can be a pretty busy place with all the hikers doing Angel's Landing and the Narrows and all the photographers lined up on the bridge. Plus, we made a critical mistake. Because we had been there before, we didn't do as much research as we usually do. We just booked a week at the RV park. It turned out that the week we chose was spring break!!!! … [Read more...]

The Watchman, The Virgin River, and No One But Me

The Watchman and Virgin River in Zion National Park, Utah by Anne McKinnell

As I made this photo, there were at least 20 photographers lined up on the bridge in front of me making a very similar photo. They are just around the bend in the river. The perspective is a bit different: a more elevated position, less river, no tree. But is it really that much better? Is it better at all? The first time I visited Zion National Park, I had to make "the … [Read more...]

Towers of the Virgin

Towers of the Virgin, Zion National Park, Utah, by Anne McKinnell

It was one of those mornings when I lift the blinds on the window, a little bleary eyed, and suddenly I'm awake, excited about what I see. With a little hop and a jump I grab my camera gear and I'm off! I was staying at an RV park just outside Zion National Park in Utah. The clouds looked pretty thick, but the chances were high for a dramatic view so I set off to one of the … [Read more...]

Rally in the Valley (Part 2)


Here are another eight images of the classic car rally in Monument Valley. If you missed it, you might want to check out Part 1. Please click the images to view larger versions. It was a pretty exciting afternoon in Monument Valley. I hope you enjoyed seeing these vintage cars as much as I enjoyed photographing them. Have a great weekend … [Read more...]

Rally in the Valley (Part 1)


We were staying at an RV park in Mexican Hat, Utah, which is right on the border with Arizon, to see Monument Valley. It was early afternoon, not a time I would usually be out photographing, so I was doing some writing in the RV while Ray went out to get fuel for the truck. When he returned he said there were all these vintage cars in getting fuel at the local station! I was … [Read more...]

Monument Valley Tribal Park, Utah

Monument Valley Tribal Park, Utah

You've seen it before. Our last stop in Utah is one of the most famous landscapes in the United States. If you're a John Wayne fan, you saw it in the 1939 film "Stagecoach". If that was a little before your time, perhaps you saw it in "Easy Rider", "2001: A Space Odyssey" or "Thelma and Louise". What about "Forrest Gump?" Remember when Forrest suddenly stopped running? It … [Read more...]

While in Utah, don’t miss the State Parks

Gooseneck State Park, Utah

With five National Parks in close proximity in Utah, it might be easy to pass by the equally beautiful state parks, which are perhaps even more unique than the National Parks. After we visited Zion and Bryce National Parks, we stopped at Kodachrome Basin State Park named after the vibrant colors of the now discontinued film. From there we moved on to Capitol Reef National … [Read more...]