eBook: 8 Ways to Accelerate Your Photography

8 Ways to Accelerate Your Photography
Do you dream of being a great photographer but don’t have enough time to learn everything?

To be a great photographer today there are so many different things to learn.

It can be overwhelming!

The jobs that used to belong to lab technicians, marketers, web designers and business managers now belong to you!

It is hard to make progress in the limited time you have available when you are pulled in so many different directions. How far down each path you should go?

Find out where to focus your energy to make the most progress.

There is a way to accelerate the learning curve and make great images right away!

I have identified 8 core knowledge areas that are essential for today’s photographer and I can show you the quickest and most effective techniques in each area so you can accelerate your learning curve.

Don’t spend time learning the wrong stuff! In this eBook I’ll show you exactly what you need to know in each area:

  • understand the most useful camera settings and when to use them.
  • make compelling photographs that are more than snapshots
  • turn your photography into fine art with post processing
  • let the quality of light show you what kind of images to make
  • find your niche, your unique strengths and style
  • create a killer portfolio that gets attention
  • get your photography on the web and build your audience
  • make money
I’m here to help you jump start your rise to photography success!
This substantial sized eBook is in PDF format and contains over 17,000 words, 88 full page spreads (176 pages if it were printed) and 84 images.

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Anne McKinnell

“Photography is the tool I use to become a happier person.”

Hi! I'm Anne and this is my new life!

I traded in a traditional career to become a full-time nomadic photographer. I was able to leverage my skills in business and technology, and my passion for photography, to build a new career.

Now I live in an RV full-time and travel around North America photographing beautiful places. I write about travel, photography, and how changing your life is not as scary as it seems.

Why choose me?

People like my teaching style. They say I can take complex topics and make them easy to understand without using a lot of “techno lingo.” My style is to communicate only what is necessary and get to the point. There is no fluff.

What People Are Saying

I was immediately impressed with Anne’s style of writing, field-tested advice, and the book’s beautiful photos. Anne breaks what can be a very complex subject down into 8 easy to understand core areas essential to today’s photography. In each of the 8 areas Anne uses field tested experience and samples of her own photography to convey the message. She also goes out of her way to ensure the reader understands the point(s) she’s making in each area through liberal use of understandable examples and reducing the message where/when needed. Excellent!

Major D.

As a beginning photographer, some books and sites overwhelm you with technical jargon and information so beyond your level of expertise, that one tends to give up part way through. Not so with this book; easy to read, very informative, fun and full of so many “oh, I am so glad you mentioned that” points that you constantly want to grab your camera or your Ipad or go to your computer to follow up and practice. It is written almost as if you are having a conversation with the writer and I really enjoyed her suggested exercises to try. She gives so much information but it does not overwhelm or go too far – just gives you enough to go on. A great book for any beginner/intermediate photographer.


Many photographers try their hand at (e)books, but few of their products are worth spending money on. One of the exceptions is Anne McKinnell, a skilled photographer, but also a great writer and teacher. In this ebook she shares the essential skills and techniques in eight core knowledge areas essential for today’s photographer. She does this in an entertaining way, easy to understand (with illustrating photos) and in a very honest way. There must be tons of books on each of those core areas on the market; yet she manages to stick to the essence for each of them – exactly those things you need to know. If you are ready to drop the ‘automatic’ setting on your camera, this is the book for you – no doubt.

Dirk Swillens

What People Are Saying About Anne's Previous Books

Her explanations are the most understandable of any that I’ve read.

William T. Lebo

Anne’s writing style is very readable and conveys her enthusiasm for her subject extremely well. She has a knack of making her points clearly and succinctly without wasting the reader’s time with a lot of unnecessary verbiage. If you want to increase your chances of taking killer photos then this book is highly recommended.

James Greenall

This is a wonderful ebook from Anne McKinnell. It covers not the processing of images, but how to make sure that you capture those images in the first place, in the field. I think a lot of people see a beautiful photo and immediately think “wow, they were lucky to be there at the right time” but Anne demonstrates that it is planning and preparation that make for a successful photo shoot. She goes into detail about what to think about, what to pack, how to find the best spots, and how to get creative in the field so that you capture those precious, elusive shots. And guess what? This ebook is free. You can’t beat getting such wonderful advice (oh, and did I mention the photographs are fabulous?!) from a very talented photographer at no charge. What are you waiting for? Download it now, and start getting better shots today.

Jim Nix

This book is like having a conversation with Anne, it is very easy to understand and not filled with a lot of jargon. I highly recommend this book; she is a great author and an extremely talented artist.

Gary Poulson

Anne McKinnell writes like she is your best friend, who just happens to be an amazing photographer, and is willing to give you all her photography secrets.

Laurie Nelson

Anne McKinnell produces some truly incredible photography and any book written by her is sure to share some insight into the craft of photography with folks of all skill levels.

Scott Johnson
Toad Hollow Photography

People relate to Anne’s teaching style because she explores relevant topics in a way that reminds us of our own photographic journey. In a sense, she guides us through her own learning process and presents a number of simple and effective techniques for making more powerful imagery. She writes as someone who didn’t just read this stuff from a book, but as someone who stood underneath the light with her tripod at the waters edge, in the mountain valleys and in the open desert, while seeing firsthand how it affected each type of scene that she set out to document. Her style is simple, straightforward and real, and her photos are not only great, the clearly illustrate each concept.

Dan Bailey

I wish that ebooks of this quality had been available when I started nature photography over 30 years ago. Anne covers one of the most important requirements of photography, lighting. It’s all about the light. You can have the most fabulous location, but without quality light, the photo will just be a snapshot. This eBook shows you how to evaluate lighting and take advantage or avoid certain situations. I would highly recommend this quick, well-illustrated read.

Jim Lee

I read and review photography ebooks on my site and am always on the look out for quality reads that will not only inform the reader but inspire them as well. I think you’ve achieved both those things. I thoroughly enjoyed 8 Types of Natural Light That Will Add Drama To Your Photographs. I thought I was pretty good at identifying and making use of the light that I was faced with but reading your ebook I realized I had a lot more to learn. Thank you for making (a sometimes confusing subject) easy to understand. The images that you’ve included in the ebook are exquisite and perfectly conveying the different types of lighting your describing.

Edith Levy

You have written a great little 32 page e book aimed right at a question a lot of photographers have, “wheres the good light?” And you have answered it with numerous examples of different types of light, where to find it and also some technical advice on histograms to assist while in the field shooting. Looking forward to your next e book soon.

Hugh Wolfe

As one who home-schooled six children all the way into the colleges of their choice, I have become an expert at searching and researching for great materials to help my kids learn what they want to know. Being a believer in passion-based education, I have encouraged my kids to follow their interests in learning and in life. My high-school aged daughter is nuts for wildlife and nature photography, and travel journalism, and Anne’s writings and photos have been a real inspiration for her (and me!).

Anne’s book, “8 Types of Natural Light…” is a part of our curriculum for my daughter this school year as she incorporates academics into her love of photography and travel. I find Anne’s writing to be very clear, concise and easy to understand and she has a natural voice that is very present and authentically easy to be with. The photographs Anne has chosen to illustrate her points emphasize the text perfectly and really bring it home in our “getting it” and keep coming to mind once we are out in the field on shoot day. The information is very valuable and quickly digested. I highly recommend Anne’s book!

Laurie Nelson Alexander

My heartfelt thanks to you for doing this work. I am sharing it with others in my local camera group because of the clarity of the writing and the way the photos explain and enhance your points.

Keith Egnor

It offers some real advice to anyone looking to improve their landscapes and some real amazing eye candy for anyone who appreciates beautiful images.

Alvin Toro

If you haven’t done so, go get it. It has beautiful images, and is chockfull of useful information. And it’s free!!! What are you waiting for?

Daniel Schwabe

I just got my copy, and it’s a beautiful book. I especially enjoy the balance between the text and the dominance of the photos for the topics you’re trying to highlight and illustrate.

Henry Lee

I enjoyed reading your first eBook! You covered all the bases and your photos are awesome. It was an easy read in a conversational style. Looking forward to following your adventure through your photos and blog.

Jimmy Clark

Thank you Anne for putting together a beautifully done guide to natural lighting that’s simple and easy to understand yet elegant with real photo world application, and for free!! I have shared it with my “Beginners” photography circle on Google+ and have encouraged others to do the same. You should be proud that you will have undoubtedly helped many people new to photography to “see the light” and remind us that are not beginners to take a step back once in a while and take notice.

Michael Lawson

Anne McKinnell produces some truly incredible photography and any book written by her is sure to share some insight into the craft of photography with folks of all skill levels.

Scott Johnson
Toad Hollow Photography

Loved the eBook. Even though I’m a filmmaker and not a photographer we both need light to create beautiful imagery.

Kevin J Railsback

This eBook is easy to digest and explains the concepts without using “techno-lingo”

Learn the quickest and easiest techniques in each of the 8 core knowledge areas to jump start your photography!


Perhaps you’re not an amateur photographer but you don’t know how to get a website going and build an audience. Or perhaps you are marketing wiz but you don’t know how to use your camera. To be successful as a photographer today you need all the pieces of the puzzle to fit together.

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