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Before the Shutter

Before The Shutter
Don't just hope for a great shot. Leave less to chance by preparing for an award-winning image.

Creating a timeless image has as much to do with the work that went in to the photograph long before the shutter was pressed as it has to do with what happened on the scene.

You'll learn how to:

  • Research locations
  • Stretch your creative vision
  • Plan your trip
  • Hire a guide
  • Pack the stuff you will need
  • Scout locations
  • Create a shot list
  • What to do on the scene
  • What to do after the shoot

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What People Are Saying

Her explanations are the most understandable of any that I’ve read.

William T. Lebo

Anne’s writing style is very readable and conveys her enthusiasm for her subject extremely well. She has a knack of making her points clearly and succinctly without wasting the reader’s time with a lot of unnecessary verbiage. If you want to increase your chances of taking killer photos then this book is highly recommended.

James Greenall

This is a wonderful ebook from Anne McKinnell. It covers not the processing of images, but how to make sure that you capture those images in the first place, in the field. I think a lot of people see a beautiful photo and immediately think “wow, they were lucky to be there at the right time” but Anne demonstrates that it is planning and preparation that make for a successful photo shoot. She goes into detail about what to think about, what to pack, how to find the best spots, and how to get creative in the field so that you capture those precious, elusive shots. And guess what? This ebook is free. You can’t beat getting such wonderful advice (oh, and did I mention the photographs are fabulous?!) from a very talented photographer at no charge. What are you waiting for? Download it now, and start getting better shots today.

Jim Nix

This book is like having a conversation with Anne, it is very easy to understand and not filled with a lot of jargon. I highly recommend this book; she is a great author and an extremely talented artist.

Gary Poulson

Anne McKinnell writes like she is your best friend, who just happens to be an amazing photographer, and is willing to give you all her photography secrets.

Laurie Nelson

Anne McKinnell produces some truly incredible photography and any book written by her is sure to share some insight into the craft of photography with folks of all skill levels.

Scott Johnson
Toad Hollow Photography

People relate to Anne’s teaching style because she explores relevant topics in a way that reminds us of our own photographic journey. In a sense, she guides us through her own learning process and presents a number of simple and effective techniques for making more powerful imagery. She writes as someone who didn’t just read this stuff from a book, but as someone who stood underneath the light with her tripod at the waters edge, in the mountain valleys and in the open desert, while seeing firsthand how it affected each type of scene that she set out to document. Her style is simple, straightforward and real, and her photos are not only great, the clearly illustrate each concept.

Dan Bailey