The Compelling Photograph

Techniques for Creating Better Images

Every day I receive emails from readers about what they are currently struggling with in photography. Here are some of the most common problems:

  • “I struggle to find good compositions.”
  • “I just grab my camera and shoot and I’m not happy with the results.”
  • “My images are not sharp.”
  • “I am frustrated because my photos are not getting better.”
  • “My photos lack impact.”

Wish you could take more compelling photographs? Now you can...

“These eBooks are designed to teach a combination of camera skills, the elements of good image design, and creative photography techniques to give you a solid foundation on which to base your vision.”

Make the most of the time you spend shooting and come home with great images after every shoot.

These eBooks will help you:

Understand the Principles of Good Image Design

Find Interesting Compositions

Learn Creative Photography Techniques

"As anyone who has read any of Anne’s books will know...

her writing style is clear and concise communicating the essential points of her subject in an easy to understand manner. By focusing each week on just one of the essential building blocks of composition this eBook breaks down a sometimes daunting subject into easily comprehendable and assimilated segments."

- James Greenall

What's Inside Book 1:


The more you train your eye to notice the details, the more interesting your photographs will become.


Lines are one of the fundamental building blocks of composition. They direct the eye around an image and give the viewer a path to follow.


Colours determine the viewer’s emotional response to an image. They set the mood and determine what part of an image gets the most attention.


Photographing a reflection creates a more unique image of an often photographed subject by adding interest and depth to your photograph.


One way you can add drama, intrigue, and mystery to an image is by photographing your subject as a silhouette. Deep contrasts make for powerful and memorable images.


Often a story is better told in a series of images that reveal more about the essence of a subject than a single image can.


One way to quickly add a new dimension to your subject is to give it a frame inside the boundaries of the image.


That time before a sunrise or after a sunset when when the skies become calm, peaceful and full of rich colour.

What's Inside Book 2:


The human eye is drawn to patterns in the same way our ears are drawn to the beat of music or the chorus of a song.


Despite everything we have been taught in photography about the rule of thirds and keeping things off balance and out of the middle, symmetry has always been associated with beauty.

Leading Lines

When leading lines connect the foreground to the background of a scene, they help to create depth and dimensionality which draws the viewer into the image.


Curves create a graphic design that make an image easy to look at by leading the viewer’s eye through the frame.


A real shape is tangible – it’s a solid object that exists within the physical realm. An implied shape is a relationship between objects that is created only in our minds.

Depth of Field

Where you choose to place the focal point in your image is critical, but it’s not just what we focus on that matters, it’s how much we focus on.

Long Exposures

Long exposures can capture the passing of time, give an image a dreamy effect, or even convey excitement.


Less is more. Minimalism is about reducing your scope and focusing only on the key elements of the scene and nothing else.

About the Author: Anne McKinnell

I feel lucky that I was able to transform my life to become a full-time nomadic photographer.

In 4 years I went from buying my first DSLR to having a large audience online, a popular and successful blog, and my images on the cover of magazines and in photography books.

I became a full-time professional photographer and author of several eBooks.

3 years after I bought that first DSLR I took big risk and gave up my career in software development and sold my home and most of my belongings for a chance at living the dream. It worked and I was able to leverage my skills in business and technology to build a new career in photography.

It's now been 8 years since I changed my life. I've spent that time travelling around North America practicing my photography skills and experimenting with different techniques. I've explored the land as well as the vast array of skills you need to become a photographer today. Now I can share those skills with you so your rise to photography success will be even faster.


People like my writing style. They say I can take complex topics and make them easy to understand without using a lot of “techno lingo.” My style is to write only what is necessary and get to the point. There is no fluff.

Check out some of the testimonials below.

You hold my attention with the way you present the topics and the examples you give to the extent that I immediately want to put everything into practice. It is a very good way of learning and it is surprising (to me anyway!) just how quickly my awareness increases as I seek to fulfill the challenges.

- June McNeil 

I like that the lessons are uncluttered and focused on the most important ideas and techniques of image design. As a result, I’m not feeling overwhelmed with extraneous information and can be more focused myself when I’m completing the assignments.

- Pat Beaudoin 

The assignments are thought provoking and her examples are inspiring. She will make you think about what you are seeing and how to get a photograph that says something about the subject.

- Kathy McCall

I have read Anne’s ebooks and have been stunned by the clarity, both of thought and writing she uses, as well as by her talent to stick to the essence. Step by step, working through the assignments, I started to look at my surroundings differently before taking a shot (while earlier I would rather be impulsive).

- Dirk Swillens

I’m beginning to break out of my routine ways of looking at things and I think my photographs are becoming stronger and more original.

- Cynthia Hinson

Each of the weekly assignments has heightened my awareness of a new aspect of photography. I am seeing things differently now and my photos have improved as a result.

- Jack Haslup

What You’ll Get...

You can purchase Book 1 and Book 2 separately or as a bundle:

The Compelling Photograph

Book 1

  • Textures
  • Lines
  • Colours
  • Reflections
  • Silhouettes
  • Close-ups
  • Frames
  • Twilight

Book 1 only


The Compelling Photograph

Book 2

  • Patterns
  • Symmetry
  • Leading Lines
  • Curves
  • Shapes
  • Depth of Field
  • Long Exposures
  • Minimalism

Book 2 only


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