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8 Types of Natural Light That Will Add Drama To Your Photographs

Discover the 8 types of natural light and learn techniques you can use to increase the quality and dramatic effect of your images.

Before the Shutter

Get the most out of your next photo excursion by preparing for and planning an award-winning photograph.

Discover the most common traps to expect, and how you can avoid them, so you’ll start making images with more impact.

Anne McKinnell

“Photography is the tool I use to become a happier person.”

Hi! I'm Anne and this is my new life!

I traded in a traditional career to become a full-time nomadic photographer. I was able to leverage my skills in business and technology, and my passion for photography, to build a new career.

Now I live in an RV full-time and travel around North America photographing beautiful places. I write about travel, photography, and how changing your life is not as scary as it seems.

Why choose me?

People like my teaching style. They say I can take complex topics and make them easy to understand without using a lot of “techno lingo.” My style is to communicate only what is necessary and get to the point. There is no fluff.

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