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Wildlife Collections

Pacific White Sided Dolphins in Johnstone Strait, British Columbia

dolphin days

The days when I encounter Pacific White-Sided Dolphins are the unforgettable days. These are the days that I have stored away in my brain like precious jewels wrapped in blue velvet. On the bad days, when my mind wanders off and I start thinking that the world is full of only bad things, I bring out my memories and see them sparkle in the sun.

I remember my “dolphin days” and know that the world is full of beautiful, wondrous and thrilling things too.


In British Columbia, the bald eagles are not kings of the jungle, but queens of the rainforest. A fully grown bald eagle has no predators. And yes, the females are larger than the males. 

These photos were made on Vancouver Island in a town called Campbell River which is known as the salmon capitol of the world.


Landscape Collections

Huangshan, China


The Huangshan mountains are named after the legendary Chinese Emperor Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor, who is the ancestor of all Han Chinese.

According to legend, the beloved Emperor sought to make immortality pills in these mountains where the spirit world was near. Here he took the immortality pill and road off to heaven on the back of a dragon.

My way

My way of life is a little different than most.

In 2011, I gave up my career in software development for a new life as a nomadic photographer. For over 10 years I have been living in an RV and travelling North America searching for good and beautiful things.

Some people thought I was crazy for giving up a good career. Others thought I was brave. For me, it felt like the only option that was right and good.

I am living my life — my way.



Lion Cubs on the Kopje by Anne McKinnell

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Who loves baby animals? I thought so!

This limited edition collection has only 10 editions of each image

Ocean in motion
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There’s nothing like sifting the sand through my fingers, feeling the breeze in my hair, and tasting the salt on my lips. There’s something about the ocean that cannot be captured in a regular photograph. The ocean is always moving.

The images in this collection were created using intentional camera movement; using a long exposure time, I move the camera while the shutter is open to create a blur effect. To me, this is the best visual representation of the experience.

Anne McKinnell

“Photography is the tool I use to become a happier person.”

Hi! I'm Anne and this is my new life!

I traded in a traditional career to become a full-time nomadic photographer. I was able to leverage my skills in business and technology, and my passion for photography, to build a new career.

Now I live in an RV full-time and travel around North America photographing beautiful places. I write about travel, photography, and how changing your life is not as scary as it seems.

Find me on Twitter @annemckinnell

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